Rose-Hulman Panhellenic Council



Recruitment FAQ's:


Q: So what's the point of pre-recruitment? Why should I go?

A: Pre-recruitment is a series of events outside of the required events that help new students and actives get to know each other. It's a laid back time that can really help you get a feel on what it's like to be Greek and whether it's right for you. Try to take advantage of this time to get to know girls and learn about some of the good things about being Greek from them!

Q: I'm still not sure if going Greek is right for me. Should I still commit to going through formal recruitment?

A: Absolutely! Formal recruitment is a wonderful opportunity to get to know more about each chapter, and you can find out more about how being Greek has impacted the lives of the active girls, as well as specific activities each chapter does throughout the year. And if the fee to go through recruitment is an issue AT ALL, talk to one of the MRCs about it.

Q:  It's Preference Party already and I have no idea which chapter fits me best! Is that ok?

A: Don't worry, that's how most girls feel. Trust me, ask any of the actives and almost all of them will tell you that they made their final choice after Pref Party. Don't worry about making a decision fast; in fact, if you go through recruitment with an open mind, it's easier to get to know all of the chapters well and truly make the best decision for you!

Q: What if my friends/roommate don't go Greek/don't join the same chapter as me?

A: Everyone has friends outside of their chapter. In fact, many Greek girls live with girls of other affiliations and non-Greek girls.So if the friends you make before recruitment seem to be leaning toward a different chapter than you, don't worry-that shouldn't affect your friendship at all!

Q: Won't being in a social fraternity adversely affect my grades?

A: No way! In fact, each of the chapters on campus has officers and programs to help you if your grades start to suffer, as well as frequent "study dates." If you want to know more about each chapter's specific programs, feel free to ask any of the actives during first party!

Q: I want to give back to the community. Can being Greek help with that?

A: Yes! Each chapter participates in many small service events throughout the year in addition to their main event for their national philanthropy, whether with another group for their philanthropy, or for Rose or the Vigo area. Again, if you want more specific information, just ask at first party.

Q: What kind of activities are the chapters involved in?

A: All of the social fraternities on campus are involved in Intramural sports throughout the year, Homecoming in the fall, and Greek Games in the spring. Each group also has social events within the chapter, with the fraternities and with all of the sororities together. You'll find out more about each sorority's specific social events during first party.

Q: Being in a sorority seems like a huge commitment. Will I have time to be involved in other groups that interest me?

A: Yes, most of the actives are very involved in other groups on campus, and even hold high up leadership positions in both their chapter and other groups. The girls in the chapter are, in fact, encouraged to be involved in other groups, be they philanthropy groups, performing arts, sports, or any other groups.