ME430 Mechatronics

Calendar Labs Project Courseware

Week What is Happening? What is Due?
1 Teams forming. Teams considering project ideas. Nothing. (No meeting.)
2 Teams creating 3 Ideas 1 page for each project idea.
3 Teams choosing one project to pursue. Detailed project proposal for chosen idea.
Teams creating a detailed shopping list for their project. Shopping checklist Nothing. (No meeting.)
5 Finalizing project proposal and shopping list for project. Ordering parts! Revised project proposal and detailed shopping list.
6 Waiting for parts to arrive. Nothing. (No meeting.)
7 Receiving all parts. Building/testing hardware/software. Nothing. (No meeting.)
Building/testing hardware/software. Nothing. (No meeting.)
Building/testing hardware/software. Nothing. (No meeting.)
Finishing project. Demonstrating completed project in class. Demonstration in class!
Before final Project documentation Brief slide show on project (turn in--no presentation).

Other project info
Spreadsheet with prices for parts in your lab kit:
  • If you want to purchase from us, download, fill in, print, bring exact change!
  • Prices
Some company websites that have parts we might enjoy using: Some helpful hints for projects
Part advice from prior students
Previous project videos
Previous project pictures
Project Documentation from previous classes