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Matt Sinclair
Director for Recreational

Sports & Athletic Facilities
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Brian Shearer
Associate Director for

Recreational Sports & Athletic Facilities/Head Softball Coach 

(812) 872-6086

Ryan A. Brimberry
Assistant Director for     Recreational Sports & Athletic Facilities
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Dan O'Leary
Coordinator for Intramurals and Club Sports/ Special Events
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Rose-Hulman Club Sports Descriptions

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Ballroom DancingMartial ArtsVolleyball
BowlingMen's LacrosseUltimate Frisbee
ChessPaintballWater Polo
Dance ClubScubaWomen's Lacrosse


Swing Dance


Ballroom Dancing

Contact: Clynton Christie (
The Ballroom Dance Club provides a fun, social atmosphere for its members to learn the various styles of Ballroom and Latin dancing from our professional instructor. Joining our competition team allows members to travel across the country and complete at their own level in several organized dance competitions held at various universities throughout the year.



Contact: Catherine Owen (
Team - We practice every Tuesday and Thursday nights and we travel to about 4 tournaments a year.
Club - All Rose students came come, it's free and a lot of fun. Thursday nights...


Contact: Kevin Erick (
The Chess and Go club provides a weekly meeting place for those interested in traditional board games such as Chess, Go, and Shogi. The majority of each meeting will act as a free-play session, but individual and group lessons are always possible if requested. Casual players are encouraged to come and learn, and experienced players are welcomed to test their prowess against other members. Knowing how to play a game is not a requirement, only interest in it is.

List of Board Games:
Chess (Casual, Semi-Competitive)
Go (Casual)
Shogi (Casual)
Each game listed can be taught by any club officer. Additional games such as Othello and Draughts can be added by request.

Dance Club

Contact: Emily Eckstein (
The Dance Club is dedicated to getting students involved with various forms of dance.
Throughout the school year they host different lessons and classes in varied dance styles, from Jazz, to Hip Hop, to Zumba - you name it, they can find a way to dance it! All skill levels are welcome. The club meets every Sunday at 3pm in the SRC Multipurpose room. Some of the members of the dance club are looking to perform fun routines at home basketball games for the 2011-2012 academic year. Our faculty advisor is Bunny Nash. Contant Emily Eckstein ( & Kendra Moore ( for more information.


Contact: Mike Yuhas (
Description Not Available at This Time

Martial Arts

Contact: Wesley Lyon (
Have you ever wanted to defend yourself and your family? Do you desire to be fit and learn practical fighting techniques? Do you wish you had more confidence in your overall abilities? The Martial Arts Club is here for you. It is where heroes are created. People of all skill level are welcome. We currently offer Karate Do Instructions from Dr. Bohner on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Arnis Filipino stick fighting instruction from Dr. Leader on Wednesdays. The other days of the week are open to instruction from experienced students that have a passion for teaching. Questions? Email Wes Lyon at

Men's Lacrosse

Contact: Dave Mills (
Lacrosse is the most rapidly growing sport in the United States and is the most exciting, fast-pace, and fun sport you will ever play. The Rose-Hulman Men's Lacrosse Club encourages players with previous experience as well as new members that are interested in the sport. We play teams from other schools around the area and have our main season in the spring, but also have an off-season in the fall. Please contact Dave Mills at for more information.



Contact: Grant Warmoth (
Description Not Available at This Time


Contact: Jordan Maurer (
The Rose-Hulman SCUBA Club (RHSC) was established first in 1991, and then reactivated in 2001 in order to provide the Rose-Hulman community the opportunity to achieve their SCUBA Diving dreams. The RHSC is designed to provide faculty, staff and students the chance to safely learn about the many aspects of SCUBA through the active use of modern SCUBA techniques and equipment. In addition, members go on dive trips, visit aquariums, and gain knowledge about underwater engineering and protecting the underwater environment. The club participates in numerous fundraisers through the support of local businesses by bringing together divers for fun and good causes.

Scuba Club is devoted to the sport of Scuba Diving, and offering those who normally would not have the means or finances a chance to experience the wonderful sport and obtain their certification. We offer Open Water, Advanced Open Water, and a variety of specialty classes dependent on student interest. In the past we have offered Wreck Specialty, Rescue Diver, and various others. Any student with an interest is invited to join. The costs of certification are significantly (about $200-$300) lower through our club than if one were to pursue certification on their own.


Swing Dance

Contact: Brandon Abad (
We want to expose as many people as we can to the joys of Swing Dancing. We accomplish this through offering lessons for all levels of dancers weekly on campus as well as encouraging and facilitating trips to events held off of campus. We will never turn down anyone who wants to get better and will do our best to help them to there goal. So bring your friends no experience necessary we can equip you with the knowledge necessary to get started and much more.


Triathlon Club

Contact: Mike McDonald (
Description Not Available at This Time

Ultimate Frisbee

Contact: Andrew May (
The Rose-Hulman Ultimate Club plays teams both from other schools and local teams in the sport of Ultimate. Ultimate is a disc sport which has been played in the Midwest for about 15 years. Team members come from a variety of athletic backgrounds. Some of their most active players were not active in sports at all until they started playing Ultimate at Rose-Hulman. Everyone on the team is very willing to teach people how to play; and even if you have never thrown a Frisbee, you are welcome. Ultimate at Rose-Hulman takes a bit of time and effort, but it is well worth it.



Contact: Mike Petro (
Rose's Volleyball Club consists of two levels of participation: a higher level competition squad and a skill building team open to any and all players. The competition squad practices 2-3 times per week and looks to participate in 3-4 tournaments in the spring each year, as well as possibly hosting a home tournament. The skill building team meets once a week during fall and spring quarters and is intended to help individuals build skills as well as have some fun playing volleyball. The club is coed, however, the competition squad mainly competes against other men's club level teams. If you're a Rose student looking to play some volleyball, feel free to send an email to the club contact to be added to the mailing list about practice schedules. If you're a representative from another school looking to schedule a match, please email the club contact as we'd welcome the opportunity to expand the number of teams we compete against.

Water Polo

Contact: Jessica Lundin (
Basically, we play Water Polo. We scrimmage, as well as work on the fundamentals of the game. We have all skill levels, extremely experienced players, as well as people who have never played before coming to Rose.

Women's Lacrosse

Contact: Jacqueline Simon (
Women's lacrosse is known as the fastest sport on two feet, and the Women's Lacrosse Club at Rose-Hulman is a fun, friendly environment where we accept both experienced and new players and we are happy to help teach anyone willing to learn! All our gear is provided through the school, we have relaxed practices weekly and scrimmages with nearby schools in the spring too! Contact one of our officers for more information.



Contact: Maura Lakowski (
We do yoga. That is pretty much it. We have a professional instructor who leads our meetings/classes, which are taught on a beginner level with optional modifications to certain poses to increase the difficulty level. Yoga is not about competition with others, it is about the individual with the purpose of increasing strength and flexibility while also having the therapeutic benefits of relaxation and stress relief.