Rose-Hulman Club Sports



Matt Sinclair
Director for Recreational

Sports & Athletic Facilities
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Brian Shearer
Associate Director for

Recreational Sports & Athletic Facilities/Head Softball Coach 

(812) 872-6086

Ryan A. Brimberry
Assistant Director for     Recreational Sports & Athletic Facilities
(812) 877-8621

Dan O'Leary
Coordinator for Intramurals and Club Sports/ Special Events
(812) 877-8987


Rose-Hulman Club Sports

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology's Club Sports Program is comprised of various student organizations focused on a particular sport. These clubs can be competitive, recreational or instructional in nature, as clubs may represent Rose-Hulman in intercollegiate competition or conduct inter-club activities such as practice, instruction, social and tournament play. The Club Sports Program is designed to enhance the student experience while participating in a sport of choice. All clubs practice regularly in order to promote and develop the skills and interests of their members.

Membership in clubs at Rose-Hulman is open to all students and is organized and ran by the students. Each club has their own elected student officers who are responsible for the day-to-day and organizational leadership of the club activities. Emphasis is placed on student leadership and involvement. Clubs that are successful and flourish are the ones with strong leaders and active participants. A representative from each club constitutes the Club Sports Council, which serves to promote and coordinate club sports on campus. The Executive Board, a four-person elected student board, assists the Club Sports Director to meet those objectives.

Although the clubs are encouraged to be self-supporting, the Department of Recreational Sports and Athletic Facilities (RSAF) provides limited support. Clubs will receive support from the RSAF in the form of program advising, game management assistance, facility scheduling, fundraising assistance, marketing and promotion assistance, budget guidance, risk management assistance, inventory and storage services, office services, etc. The Club Sports Director serves primarily as an advisor and resource person for the club sports and is available to assist with club business. The Club Sports Director is an advocate across campus for all active club sports and provides the expertise and resources to allow each club to be successful.

For more information about the Club Sports Program, please contact Dan O'Leary at

Coordinator for Club Sports

Dan O'Leary
Coordinator for Intramurals and Club Sports/ Special Events
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
5500 Wabash Avenue, CM 37
Terre Haute, IN 47803
Phone: (812)877-8987