Rose-Hulman's Recreational Sports and Athletic Facilities



Matt Sinclair
Director for Recreational

Sports & Athletic Facilities
(812) 877-8031


Brian Shearer
Associate Director for

Recreational Sports & Athletic Facilities/Head Softball Coach 

(812) 872-6086

Ryan A. Brimberry
Assistant Director for     Recreational Sports & Athletic Facilities
(812) 877-8621

Dan O'Leary
Coordinator for Intramurals and Club Sports/ Special Events
(812) 877-8987


Sports and Recreation Employment Opportunities___________________________________

Each year the Recreational Sports and Athletic Facilities Department offers students an opportunity to get involved within the Recreation Department by becoming a part of the staff. Students are hired and paid to lifeguard, supervise, provide customer service, officiate, keep score, and keep time for the Recreation Department. Employment opportunities through the work-study and work-opportunity programs are available to students who have an interest working for the Department. Contact Al Morrison at ext. 8054 for SRC employment, or Ryan Brimberry at ext. 8621 for employment with the Intramural Department.

- Intramural Employment Opportunities

- SRC Employment Opportunities