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Rose-Hulman Intramural Sports



Q. What are intramural sports?
A. Intramurals are fun, recreational, social and competitive sport activities for Rose-Hulman students, faculty, and staff.

Q. How do I register a team?
A. A campus wide e-mail will provide individuals with a printable registration form. Individuals can return this form to the Intramural Office (SRC 265). You can also obtain an registration form at the SRC front desk, Intramural Office.

Q. Does it cost anything to register a team?
A. Yes, a $10.00 forfeit fee is required from each team for flag football, indoor soccer, basketball, volleyball, ultimate Frisbee, and softball.

Q. Can I get my forfeit fee back at the end of the season?
A. Yes, forfeit fee money can be picked up in the business office. Remember, if you had 0 forfeits all season then you will receive your full $10.00, 1 forfeit will result in a return of $5.00, and 2 or more forfeits will result in no return of money.

Q. What are the different divisions that my team can play in?
A. We offer three different divisions which are Greek, Residence Hall, and Independent. Please see the intramural handbook a greater explanation of each division.

Q. What are the different levels of participation?
A. There are three levels of participation based on playing ability. These levels are A, B, and C. Level A is for those who want to participate in a high level of competition. Level B is designed to meet the needs of participants who are less skilled, but with above average ability. Level C is for participants who are beginners or are average or below in ability.

Q. How are Intramural Points awarded?
A. Intramural Points are awarded at the end of each quarter and are based on the level of play. Level A Champions receive 40 points. Level B Champions receive 30 points. Level C Champions receive 20 points. For individual sports points are awarded 15 for A, 10 for B, and 5 for C.

Q. When is my sports captain meeting?
A. Each teamís captain will notified through e-mail as to when the meeting will be held. It is imperative that each team has their captain or another representative present at each meeting.

Q. What should I do if I need to reschedule a game?
A. Captainís should notify the Intramural Sports Graduate Assistant as soon as possible to ensure a new time can be set. The graduate assistant and captain will also contact the opposing team captain as well.

Q. What happens if games are cancelled due to inclement weather?
A. We will make every effort to reschedule all games that are cancelled due to the weather. However, rescheduling games depends on the amount of time and field/court space available.