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Hosting a Section Meeting

The Indiana Section of the MAA is continually seeking sites for its future meetings. The section meets twice each year. The fall meeting is on a Saturday between late September and early November. The spring meeting is on a Friday afternoon and Saturday between early March and early April. Since the Indiana College Mathematics Contest (ICMC) meets in conjunction with the spring meeting, a central location is most desirable. It is our goal to have site commitments two to three years ahead and firm dates set one to two years in advance.

If your department is interested in hosting an Indiana Section meeting, peruse the arrangements checklist below to ascertain the extent of your responsibilities then contact the section Vice Chair to volunteer.

Indiana Section Local Arrangements Checklist

(Items 1 through 6 need to be completed by the section meeting prior to the local meeting.)

  1. Meeting Space on Campus -
    • Auditorium to seat about 90 people in the fall and 150 people in the spring
    • Lockable room for the section book sale; 4-5 six-foot tables, 2 chairs
    • Three rooms for parallel sessions, each seating 25-30 people
    • Place for meeting registration
      1 eight-foot table in the fall, 3 tables in the spring, 2 chairs
    • Place for refreshments during breaks
    • Additional 30-45 rooms for students working on the ICMC in the spring
    • Most talks assume that technology is available. Please inform the Chair if local computer systems,projectors, internet access, and sound systems are not available in all speaker rooms. In addition, the speaker rooms should be available during registration for speakers to test their talks with the local technology.

  2. Directions to Campus -

  3. A good map and verbal directions need to be posted on the INMAA web site.

  4. List of Hotels -

  5. Names (with locations and directions), rates (with discounts), and deadlines for blocked rooms also need to be posted at the INMAA web site.

  6. Local contact person -
    The name, phone number, and email of a person to contact for general information need to be posted on at the INMAA web site.

  7. Meals -
    • In the spring, the Friday evening banquet will have 90-150 attendees, depending on the price and student activities.
    • The host institution traditionally provides beverages Friday afternoon and light breakfast refreshments on Saturday morning.
    • Saturday lunch needs to be arranged for 60 people in the fall and 90 in the spring.
    • Restaurant for chair/liaison Saturday breakfast during spring meeting.
    • No refreshments are expected on Saturday afternoon.
    • Since the section is obligated to provide meals for some meeting participants, prices charged for meals are usually somewhat higher than the price charged by the local caterer. Meal prices must therefore be set in consultation with the section Chair and Treasurer. Prices and dining details then need to be posted on the INMAA web site.
    • Verify the date by which the caterer needs final counts for the meals. The section Secretary must be informed of this date in order to provide accurate final counts, and the Secretary should be informed of any flexibility in this date and/or final counts.

  8. ICMC
    Hosts of the spring meeting have the privilege of writing the ICMC if they choose. Arrangements for writing the exam, for running the contest, and for grading the exam should be discussed with section Student Activities Coordinator. In addition, every room used by the student teams should have a white board, chalk board, or easel with paper so that the students can work as a team for at least part of the competition time.

  9. Registration
    • The Public Information Officer sets up the on-line registration and links all relevant information for the meeting.
    • The Secretary receives mailed registration forms and checks, prints receipts, and provides the host institution with meal registration figures and an Excel file with names and institutions of those who have registered for use in making name tags.

  10. Details for the day of the meeting -
    • Welcome by appropriate school administrator
    • Volunteers for the registration desk (two people for initial busy time and one person for other times the desk is open), book sale (one person scheduled for each hour book sale room is open), and book sale set up and take down (a few people and a cart to easily transport boxes of books)
    • Printed and blank nametags for the participants
    • Numbered meal coupons to be distributed
    • Audio-visual support for the presentations
    • Signs directing participants to the conference site
    • Appropriate parking arrangements
    • Set up registration and book sale tables
    • Schedule and abstracts available for the attendees
    • Campus maps and informational brochures

Comments? Email the Public Information Officer.
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