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Spring 2007 - Columns Page

Spring 2008: Refelections on the Passing of Paul Mielke submitted by Mike Axtell (read more)

Spring 2007: This edition of the Newsletter features some reflections on the Joint Math Meetings by three undergraduates (Yvette Monachino, Robert Lemke Oliver, and Ian Rogers). (read more).

Fall 2006: by the Newsletter Editor: I recently had the opportunity to attend the Annual AAAS meeting in St. Louis during February 2006. For those who have never heard of AAAS, it is the American Association for the Advancement of Science ... (read more)

Spring 2006:The first column in the INMAA Online Newsletter by Matt DeLong. It is a web-version of his Alder Award Presentation "Making Beautiful Music in the Mathematics Classroom". Due to the length of the presentation (20 minutes). It has been broken into three shorter segments, though it can be experienced in one sitting.

Matt DeLong
"Making Beautiful Music in the Mathematics Classroom": Part I

"Making Beautiful Music in the Mathematics Classroom": Part II

"Making Beautiful Music in the Mathematics Classroom": Part III

Each of links above opens a new window starting on the appropriate slide in the presentation. Warning, there are embedded music files in the presentation. You will need appropriate browser support to listen to these files. Recent versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator have the necessary support built in.


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