Catapult 2010
Session 1 June 29
Tuesday, 29 June 2010 22:44

June 29

Written by Alex Mullans
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It's getting toward crunch time! Groups started printing out their project report posters today and continued to put the finishing touches on their design during group project time. Some of the walk on water groups got a chance to test their creations in Speed Lake in the afternoon (none of them sank!).

After that, we had a rockin' time at IMs with both volleyball (indoor) and ultimate frisbee (outdoor). In addition to the standard Catamonkey games, we had a series of Counselor v. Catamonkey games with 5 of the IM teams; the counselors defended their honor by winning all 5 games, but more challenges will occur as the week progresses!

Twilight: Eclipse comes out tonight at midnight; for some reason incomprehensible to the counselors, almost 18 people have signed up to go...

And, of course, it's Tuesday! Which means that it's actually Tasty Treat Tuesday. 30 monkeys packed into the vans to get some ice-cold Dairy Queen treats.

Midnight Madness will be a game of sardines.

Alex Mullans

Alex Mullans

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