Catapult 2010
Sunday, July 18
Sunday, 18 July 2010 22:59

Sunday, July 18

Written by Alex Mullans
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Dayton, Ohio, and specifically the Dayton Air Show, was the destination of the first Big Trip of Catapult Session 2.  In addition to the air show itself, we also took the students to the National Museum of the United States Air Force before the show and either Chipotle or Skyline Chili for dinner (both specialties not available in Terre Haute).

It was a day to relax for all those students who didn't go to the air show. A few students took an airboat ride down the Wabash River in downtown Terre Haute, and some others went to Indianapolis for some duck pin bowling and shopping at Circle Center Mall. Some of the counselors who stayed behind had movies on in our rooms for the monkeys to watch, and some students also continued their Wii marathon.

Sunday dinner is traditionally not served on the Rose campus, as people usually eat dinners with their friends or floor-mates (usually one in the same). In keeping with that tradition, we took the students still on campus to their choice of various fast food restaurants, as well as Mogger's (a pub/restaurant with great burgers), Buffalo Wild Wings (affectionately known as B-Dubs), and Exotic Thai (whose name speaks for itself).

Another Rose tradition is a lack of sleep on Sunday night. During the year, that's usually because of homework that was put off until earlier in the day, but now it's just because we'll be doing lots of fun things for a few hours yet (including Sardines for midnight madness). Naturally some students will go to be early (some probably already have), but we'll definitely still be awake for a while yet!

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