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Alex Mullans
Alex Mullans

Alex Mullans

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Friday, 14 May 2010 18:42

Pat Suter

Pat Suter. Onion. Peel back the first layer, and you will find a sophomore chemical engineering major. Peel back another and you'll see a rush chairman for alpha chi sigma and a sophomore advisor in deming hall. One layer after another, a bushy head of curly hair, a glistening smile, and eyes that can captivate a thousand ships. -Anonymous roommate
Friday, 14 May 2010 18:42

Chris Baldwin

Hi, I am Chris Baldwin. I am a very simple man with not so simple goals. For instance, I am on a constant quest to save the princess. She has probably been kidnapped (again) and needs saving. Also, I am currently a bear with a bird in my backpack, trying to save my little sister from an evil witch. Some said it was impossible, but I have bested fruit, spike and moon to attain the title “The Guy.” I also saved the world from the ancient demon Jashin, thus becoming “The Ninja.” I suppose that makes me “The Ninja The Guy.” Anyways, I love meeting new people, throwing the Frisbee, playing sand volleyball, staying up late, and, of course, playing videogames. If any of those things interest you, we are sure to be best buds.

Friday, 14 May 2010 18:42

Caleb Eiler

Caleb, who enjoys writing, thinking, and speaking exclusively in the third person, is not someone to be trifled with. A native of Avon, Indiana, Caleb has also lived in Geneva, Switzerland and as such he considers himself to be a de facto European. His modern vices include the guitar and various music featuring the guitar. His primary method of meditation includes a daily hour-long session of “getting the Led out.” He’s a lover, not a fighter, but he’s also a fighter, so don’t get any ideas. A soon-to-be sophomore here at Rose-Hulman, Caleb will continue his studies of economics and mathematics in the fall but first he must have the greatest time of his life as a Catapult counselor this summer.
Friday, 14 May 2010 18:41

Matt Melton

No one knows the true origin of the one they call Matt Melton. Born in the highlands of Scotland and raised by Trappist Monks, his lineage can be traced directly to Pythagoras, Socrates, and El-Cid Campeador. His youth found him solving trivial problems with the scientific world, such as finding the last digit of pi (it’s 7), turning water into gold, and discovering the Fountain of Youth (Hawaii). After solving these early trifles, he decided to attend Rose-Hulman to solve more difficult issues, such as curing the world of entropy, or determining if the light really shuts off once you close the refrigerator door. Once at Rose, Matt truly hit his stride, becoming a Sophomore Advisor and Resident Assistant while being a four year diver to maintain his manly physique. Word has it, he loves Rose so much, he’ll never leave, no matter how hard Rose tries to get rid of him. But no matter. For a special three weeks in Catapault, Matt will join Alisa as your guide on the IM fields, as well as supplying comic relief and sleep deprivation. Be ready. It’s gonna be awesome.

Friday, 14 May 2010 18:41

Alisa Dickerson

Hey kids!  My real name is Alisa Dickerson.   I am from a place in Kentucky known as Elizabethtown (ever heard of the movie?). This fall, I will be a junior majoring in mechanical engineering.  The biggest thing I am known for is once dating ‘The most interesting man on Earth’, which was fun for a while, but it got old.  Other than knowledge workouts, I am always down for getting creative with some arts and crafts, being a handy(wo)man , spending time with nature (I <3 Rain), or just settling in for a good ol’ movie. Also, I’m the type that likes to half-heartedly dabble in sports, so if you are looking to raise your own ego and self-confidence, I suggest challenging me to a game of basketball or something. I guess you could say I blackmailed Micah for this job, but that’s irrelevant because I can’t wait to hang out with all you Monkeys at Catapult. I promise it will be one of the best experiences of your life, even if I am the sole cause.

Friday, 14 May 2010 18:41

Darcie Thomas

Hey!  My name is Darcie and I’m going to be a graduate student at Rose starting in the fall.  I’m from the great white north, aka Michigan, and people always make fun of my accent.  I LOVE to sleep and do anything that involves running around outside.  I am completely TERRIFIED of anything and everything… especially if it involves some form of fish or frogs!  I have a tendency to laugh a lot and I have been known to eat black olives and green beans like it’s my job.  I can’t wait to get to know all of you this summer and I’m ready to have a great time!

Friday, 14 May 2010 18:41

Alex Mullans

Hey y’all!

My name’s Alex  and I’m from a little town south of Denver known as Castle Rock, Colorado (not quite South Park, but almost as awesome!), where there’s none of this humidity nonsense that I’ve found in Terre Haute. I did Catapult two years ago, and it was (no joke) the best three weeks I had in four years of high school! I can’t wait to see y’all have the time of your lives: you won’t even want to sleep because we’ve got so much awesome stuff planned! Of that stuff, my favorites include playing IM sports (even though I’m terrible at most of them), watching movies, going on late night TBRs (Taco Bell runs), and doing other crazy random shenanigans. So, future engineers: get ready to have so much fun your head just might explode (we’ll try not to let that happen, but…)!

Friday, 14 May 2010 18:40

Micah Aldrich - Head Counselor

Hey-oh! I’m Micah, and they keep saying I’m the Big Cheese this summer for Operation Catapult. I don’t know how I got stuck with that nickname, because I know for a fact that Melton smells worse than me. I guess I can deal with being made fun of though, because I had to learn how to hide my tears with laughter a while ago due to my nieces’ incessant mockery. Aside from crying, other things that make me laugh (or something along those lines) include running really far, not knowing how to do problems on tests, awkward situations, the movie ‘I Love You Man’, and when geese try to land on frozen lakes. My plan for this summer is to make Operation Catapult oh-10 the most fun, rewarding, awesome, fantastic, extreme, neat, swell, fulfilling, radical, beguiling, astounding, not boring, exciting, action-packed, amazing, marvelous, flabbergasting, cool-as-beans, worthwhile, intense, excellent, riveting, above average, splendid, amusing, ballin’, sweet, enthralling, not-your-run-of-the-mill summer program ever. I can’t wait!
Friday, 14 May 2010 16:09

Day -33

Hey there! Welcome to the online portal with all the information you'll about the happenings of Catapult 2010 session 1. As the session progresses, we'll have daily updates and lots of pictures. For now, check out your counselors (we're addicted to fun, as you'll see). It's our job to make sure each and every catamonkey has the time of their lives for three weeks while creating an awesome engineering project with some of Rose-Hulman's best professors.

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