Mike's other interests

My interests have somewhat shifted over the past couple of years.


I used to be heavily interested in cars. It started out of necessity when I was in grad school, as I had no money. Hence, I learned to fix cars. This eventually lead to the acquisition of a 72 Triumph TR6. I did a lot of work to that car, eventually restoring the engine. I also own an 86 Chevy ElCamino, on which I also performed a lot of work. Between the two cars, the only thing I never had apart was a transmission, although, I did put a shift kit into the El.


I love opera. I attended over 50 performances and have over 70 recordings. I also listen to a lot of organ music. One of the reasons I do so, is because one of my sisters is an organist and we always had music in the house when we grew up.


If you had a look at my woodworking page, you may have guessed that I like to read. I particularly am interested in books about american presidents and literature.