This is a picture of my 86 El Camino Conquista. It is loaded to the gills and everything works. In the background, you see my prior main mode of transportation, a 71 Chevy C20. Here are some features of the El. * : My modification.

For those of you who know what the following means, some data from last year (1998). Further down are the data for this year.

342 Posi
Progressive rate rear springs
Rear sway bar
KYB shocks all around
Polyurethance end-links
A disappointing 17.0. I just have to get more torque.
Ram air17.3 (deep) The car is running very consistent all evening long. For now, I'll leave the E/T alone and focus on winning some races. The deep staging gives me consistent R/Ts in the .560s which is good enough for me right now. I wasn't too focused yesterday, but I am looking forward to next Wednesday.
160 thermosNo improvements. Actually, my times fluctuated more than before. I since have improved the flow to the ram air intake. Also, I need to get a new, clean, bigger radiator.
improved airflow, rebuilt carbMy R/Ts were right on the money yesterday. I lost in the first round to one of the most accomplished racers. I got him on the starting line with a 515 light. However, it got real cool and my car just ran better than usual. I broke out by less than 3/100s of a second.

1999 Season:

Flowmaster 50s Series Muffler with Delta TechnologyThe car felt like it had more power in the high end, but it did not show up on the track. Btw. there is a little bit of a rumbling at idle. But no sound at speed. I like it that way.
Griffin Nascar Aluminum RadiatorI mostly put this in because the old one was not cutting things anymore, plus, I want to take the car up Mount Washington, N.H. The radiator sure keeps the temperature gauge glued to about 160. (170 w/ A/C on on a hot day.)
A can of Restore Engine restorer and a can of STP fuel system cleaner (to remove carbon deposits) The car felt real light-footed and it showed up on the track. I started the evening with a 17.3 (deep) and the times dropped by 5/100 every run. When I came down to 17.2 (deep) I knew I could get into the 16s. So I put down the tailgate, removed the bed-liner, spare, jack, and the tool box, staged regularly, and wouldn't you know it, ran a 16.93. Now, in all fairness, I don't think I could have run that without the muffler. Initially, I was not sure whether the engine restorer was going to work because I am running synthetic oil. But much to my amazment it did make a difference. The engine cleaner made a differnence too I am sure.

I since made some other modifictions to the car.