RH 330 Tentative Schedule:  Last revised January 7, 2008




Required Reading

Bring to Class

Two Week Holiday Break—No Classes

Week 5

Mon. Jan. 7

Literature reviews

 “Literature reviews” (308)


Tues. Jan. 8

Project Management

Meeting Minutes



Thurs. Jan. 10

Team meeting: document planning and organization



Fri. Jan. 11

Profiling audiences and contexts: the engineering workplace

Collaborative Writing

“Second Readings on Sustainability and Engineering” 

 Meeting Minutes #1 due

Week 6

Mon.  Jan. 14

Peer Review


Bring Draft of Literature Review

Tues. Jan. 15


Email & Project Correspondence

“Proposals” (412)


Thurs. Jan. 17

Audience accommodation: text

Readings on plasma TV (ANGEL)

Literature Review Due 

Fri. Jan. 18

Audience accommodation: visuals

Fundamental Principles of Analytical Design” (ANGEL)

“Data-Ink and Graphical Redesign” (ANGEL

 Meeting Minutes #2 due

Week 7

Mon. Jan. 21

Attend convocation speaker

Discuss speech in class



Tues. Jan. 22

Audience accommodation: visuals

Compiling individuals’ work



Draft of Technology Analysis Due

Thurs. Jan. 24

No class-Conferences on Drafts



Fri. Jan. 25

Peer Review


Bring draft

Meeting Minutes #3 due

Week 8




Mon. Jan. 28

Local information resources

Personnel Evaluation



Tues. Jan. 29


“Presentations” (389)

Technology Analysis Due

Thurs. Jan. 31

 Class cancelled for viewing of An Inconvenient Truth (location and time TBA)



Fri.  Feb. 1

Analyzing technical/rhetorical acts: An Inconvenient Truth



Meeting Minutes #4 due

Week 9

Mon.  Feb. 4

Elevator Talks



Tues.  Feb. 5

Team meeting: poster presentation




Thurs. Feb. 7

Team Poster Presentations


Team Poster Due

Fri.  Feb. 8

Team Poster Presentations



Week 10

Mon.  Feb. 11

Analysis of local discourse communities (video, letters to editor)


Draft of Needs and Implementation Analysis Due

Tues.  Feb. 12

No class—Conferences on Draft



Thurs. Feb. 14

Workshop/Peer Review


Bring draft

Fri.  Feb. 15

Learning objectives

Course evaluations


Needs and Implementation Analysis Due

Week 1

Mon.  Nov. 26

Introduction to Technical Communication

Concept and Skills Inventory



Tues. Nov. 27

The rhetorical triangle
The rhetorical appeals
Discourse communities

“Memos” (325)


Thurs. Nov. 29

Source documentation and avoiding plagiarism

“Documenting sources: IEEE documentation” (143)

“Quotations” (444)


Fri.  Nov. 30

Researching companies

Matching qualifications to job ads

“Researching employers: how and why” (ANGEL)

Bring job advertisement that interests you to class

Week 2

Mon. Dec. 3

Designing and revising résumé

“Résumés” (473)

Job analysis memo due

Tues. Dec. 4

Application Letters

Considering global dimensions


“Application Letters” (38)



 Thurs. Dec. 6

Expert résumé review by Ventures project managers


Teaming questionnaire due

Fri.  Dec. 7

Peer Review


Bring draft of résumé and application letter to class

Week 3

Mon.  Dec. 10

Begin looking at company mission statements

In-class work on annotations


Bring mission statement of company to which you are applying to class


Tues. Dec. 11

Sustainability Project:  Request for Proposals

Assigning of groups

Topic Proposal Memos

Company mission statements
Company logos and names


“Request for proposals” (455)

Annotated résumé, application letter, job ad due

Thurs. Dec. 13

Guest Speaker on Sustainability

“Initial Readings on Sustainability and Engineering” (ANGEL)


Fri.  Dec. 14

Logan Library Resources

Librarian visit

Types of sources

“Research: evaluating sources” (467)

“Bibliographies” (51)


Week 4

Mon. Dec. 17

Josh Knoefler, Sustainable Development




Tues. Dec. 18

Exigence and kairos

Literature Review

Local Sustainability Issues (ANGEL)


Tues. Dec 18-Friday Dec. 21 Topic Proposal Conferences in my office (Hadley Hall 201)   Bring Topic Proposal Memo with you to conference

Thurs. Dec. 20


Process explanation

 “Defining terms” (120)

“Definition method of development” (121)

“Description” (124)

“Process explanation” (401)


Fri. Dec. 21

No class meeting