ECE 472 - Power Systems II
Spring 2016

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Dr. Niusha Rostamkolai


ECE 472 Power Systems II 3R-3L-4C Pre: ECE 470
Power system protection and stability. Design and application of relaying schemes for protection of transformers, buses, distribution lines, transmission lines, generators, motors, capacitors, and reactors. Power system stability and generator rotor dynamics phenomenon with use of the equal-area criterion. Integral laboratory.






The purpose of ECE 472 is to introduce to students the subject of Power System Protection and Power System Stability.


This course will start with an introduction to the Power System Protection and proceeds with describing philosophies utilized for protection of a modern power system. Topics such as operating principles of electromagnetic attraction and induction relays will be followed by discussion of operating principles of existing schemes which are practiced by the relay engineer.


Application of protection schemes to components of the power system such as transformers, buses, transmission lines, generators, reactors, capacitors, and motors will be covered in this course. New trends in specific areas of computer relaying and adaptive protection will be discussed.


The topic of Power System Stability will be introduced by describing the stability phenomenon. The proceeding lectures will concentrate on the low frequency oscillations of a turbine-generator shaft in the range of a few tenths of a hertz up to a few hertz. The equal-area criterion, which is the foundation of work in the area of power system stability, will be covered. The generalization of the equal-area criterion to a multi-machine power system, and the structure of commercially available transient stability programs will be reviewed.


Honor Code:

The Institute values its reputation for moral leadership as much as its reputation for academic excellence, and expects all persons associated with it to maintain the reputation. The institute's Code of Ethics is simple and direct: Rose-Hulman expects its students to be responsible adults and to behave at all times with honor and integrity. All students are expected to abide by this code and to aid its enforcement by reporting violations of it.


Course Work:

ECE 472 will meet three times a week and you are expected to attend all lectures. Missing more than three lectures, without a valid excuse (doctor's note), will result in failure of the course.


Homework problems will be assigned regularly with a firm due date. Each individual will turn in his/her homework assignment. Late homework assignments will not be accepted. Homework problems should be done according to the format specified in the GUIDELINES AND STANDARDS FOR WRITING ASSIGNMENTS.You may discuss homework problems with your classmates. However, copying homework assignments is considered a violation of the institution HONOR CODE. Homework problems solution will be placed in the library after the homework assignment is graded.






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Course Notes
ECE 472 Power Systems II
Niusha Rostamkolai


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