ECE 370 - Machines and Power
Winter 2016/17

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Dr. Rostamkolai








ECE 370 covers the following:

a.      Single-phase and three-phase transformers - connections and applications

b.     Introduction to power electronics and their applications

c.      Operating principles and applications of synchronous generators and motors

d.     Operating principles and applications of induction generators and motors

e.      Operating principles and applications of dc motors and generators.


Honor Code:

The Institute values its reputation for moral leadership as much as its reputation for academic excellence, and expects all persons associated with it to maintain the reputation. The institute's Code of Ethics is simple and direct: Rose-Hulman expects its students to be responsible adults and to behave at all times with honor and integrity. All students are expected to abide by this code and to aid its enforcement by reporting violations of it.



ECE 370 meets three times a week and students are expected to attend every lecture. Missing more than three lectures without a valid excuse (i.e. doctor's note) results in failing the course.


Lab meets once a week and missing any experiment also results in failing the course. Students are expected to be present at the beginning of the lab period and late arrival impacts the lab grade.


Course Work:

Assigned daily homework problems are due at the beginning of the next lecture. Homeworks should be done according to the format in the GUIDELINES AND STANDARDS FOR WRITING ASSIGNMENTS. Solutions to the problems are placed in the library after assignments are graded. Late homework assignments are not accepted. Copying homework is a violation of the institution HONOR CODE.


Two one-hour exams and a final exam are scheduled for this course. Exams are closed-book. You are allowed to have one sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper for formulas during each hourly exam, and three sheets of formulas during the final exam.


Lab Work:

Seven experiments and three computer projects are scheduled for the ECE 370. Each team is required to document each experiment/computer project in a report. Reports are submitted to the instructor at the end of each lab session.


Grading of lab reports is a two-step process. First, they are judged for acceptability. If a report is deemed unacceptable it is returned to the student with an immediate deduction of 20%. An additional 10% is deducted for each additional day required to produce an acceptable report (weekends included). Second step in the grading process is to evaluate quality and accuracy of the report.








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