ECE 204 - AC Circuits
Fall 2016/17

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Dr. Rostamkolai 








ECE 204 covers the following:

a.      Inductors, capacitors, sinusoidal sources, and sinusoidal responses

b.     Complex numbers, impedances, and phasor diagrams

c.      KVL & KCL & simplifications in ac circuits

d.     Source Transformation, Thevenin & Norton Equivalnts, Max. Power Transfer

e.      Node voltage and mesh current methods for ac circuit analysis

f.      Instantaneous, average, reactive, complex powers

g.     Single-phase feeders - voltage regulation, efficiency, and power factor correction

h.     Balanced three-phase systems - Delta & wye voltage sources and loads

i.       Three-phase power measurements and calculations

j.       Mutual inductance & ideal and real transformers

Transformer equivalent circuit - voltage regulation and efficiency calculations


Honor Code:

The Institute values its reputation for moral leadership as much as its reputation for academic excellence, and expects all persons associated with it to maintain the reputation. The institute's Code of Ethics is simple and direct: Rose-Hulman expects its students to be responsible adults and to behave at all times with honor and integrity. All students are expected to abide by this code and to aid its enforcement by reporting violations of it.



ECE 204 meets three times a week and students are expected to attend every lecture. Missing more than three lectures without a valid excuse (i.e. doctor's note) results in failing the course.


Lab meets once a week and missing any experiment also results in failing the course. Students are expected to be present at the beginning of the lab period and late arrival impacts the lab grade.


Course Work:

Homework problems are assigned weekly with a firm due date. Homework problems should be done according to the format specified in the GUIDELINES AND STANDARDS FOR WRITING ASSIGNMENTS. Each individual is responsible for turning in his/her homework assignment. Homework problems may be discussed with others; however, copying homework assignments is considered a violation of the institution HONOR CODE. Homework problem-set solution is placed in the library after the homework assignment is graded. Late homework assignments are not accepted.


Make-up exams will not be administered, and missing an exam will result in a grade of zero for that exam.


Lab Work:

Nine experiments and a lab test are scheduled for the ECE 204. Lab experiments are performed by a team of two individuals. Each team is required to document each experiment in a lab notebook.




TRF/4 & 5/D114


M/4-6 & W4-6/D114


Electric Circuits

Nilsson & Riedel

9th Edition


ECE 203