The Thirty-second Annual

Rose-Hulman High-school Mathematics Contest

The Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Mathematics Contest takes place annually on the second Saturday in November. The thirty-second contest took place Saturday, November 8, 1997.

Congratulations to Iowa City West High School, overall champion. This year's top finishers were
1. Iowa City West High School 1148
2. Terre Haute South Vigo High School1020
3. Terre Haute North Vigo High School 951

This years class winners were
Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
1. Iowa City West 287 Iowa City West 319 Iowa City West 303 Indiana Academy Math,Sci.&Hum. 279
2. Terre Haute South 268 Terre Haute North 293 Center Grove 266 Urbana 252
3. Park Tudor 243 Columbus North 268 Terre Haute North 263 Terre Haute South 245

Congratulations to Bryce Johnson, who was the highest scoring individual in his class for the fourth consecutive year and to Chris Mihelich, who captured his third consecuctive first place finish. Top scoring individuals were
Senior Junior
1. Bryce Johnson 95 Center Grove 1. Chris Mihelich 95 Park Tudor
2. Hui Dai 83 Indiana Academy 2. William Ko 89 Terre Haute South
3. Shahram Ardalan Indiana Academy 3. Philip Choi 84 Iowa City West
4. John Jerger Terre Haute South (tie) Aaron Hauptmann 84 Indiana Academy
5.Andy Long Brownsburg 4. Jeff Felling 83 Terre Haute North
(tie) Stephen Kohen Urbana 5. Bart Watson 82 Iowa City West
6. Sylvia Carlisle Iowa City West 6. Brian Davis Terre Haute South
7. Shi Chao Zhang Urbana (tie) Brent Wiese Iowa City West
8. Meg Gutshall Franklin 7. Jeff Wigh Columbus North
9. Peter Russo Iowa City West 8. Vern O'Donnell Broad Ripple
10. Jason Kennard Center Grove 9. Brent Maurer Center Grove
10. Dulcinea Boesenberg Center Grove 10. Bobby Wassel Terre Haute North
11. Jared Baker Arsenal Tech. (tie) Yoshi Akimoto Center Grove
12. Steven Prothero Terre Haute South (tie) Kevin Haley Terre Haute South
(tie) Robert Lipshitz Crawfordsville 11. Derek Thomas Terre Haute North
12. Klemntyna Chrzanowska Urbana
(tie) Blair Boehmer Columbus North
(tie) Lori Parcel Center Grove

Sophomore Freshman
1. Ethan Kuperman 89 Iowa City West 1. Andrew Chi 88 Terre Haute South
2. James Hegeman 84 Iowa City West 2. Matthew Burney 83 Park Tudor
3. Bill Waite 83Terre Haute North 3. Rohit Thomas 82 Iowa City West
4. Ryan Hamilton Terre Haute South 4. Hee Jin Lee Iowa City West
(tie) Josh Ford North Knox 5. Jeremy Fazli Park Tudor
5. Katherine Smirl Iowa City West 6. Frankie Lu Terre Haute South
(tie) Josh Spear Terre Haute North (tie) Anna Murphy Brownsburg
6. Joanne Wen Iowa City West 7. Yasushi Haruna Center Grove
(tie) Mare Winniford Iowa City West 8. Andrew Twarek Crawfordsville
7. John McHale Columbus North 9. Steven Aymond Columbus North
8. Jean Broughton Terre Haute North 10. Min Zhang Iowa City West
9. Lance Alexander Columbus North 11. Dennis Gill Broad Ripple
(tie) Jill Kurdys Terre Haute South (tie) Garrett Kinnebrew Terre Haute South
10. Megan Elliot Terre Haute North 12. Anthony Clark North Knox
(tie) Michael Radovanovic Columbus North
11. Tom Burney Park Tudor
(tie) Jimmy Smith Brownsburg
(tie) Mike Wade Center Grove
12. Yun-ang Choi Urbana

This year there were 463 students from 25 schools registered for the contest. The schools competing this year were:
Altamount, Arsenal Tech, Arsenal Tech Math Magnet, Avon, Broad Ripple, Brownsburg, Cathedral, Center Grove, Columbus North, Crawfordsville, Cumberland, Greenfield Central, Iowa City West,Indianapolis Lutheran, North Vermillion, Northview, Northwood, Park Tudor, Perry Meridian, South Vermillian, Terre Haute North, Terre Haute South, Urbana, Vincennes Rivet and West Vigo.

For more information about the contest, please send e-mail to