The Forty-sixth Annual

Rose-Hulman High-school Mathematics Contest


The Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Mathematics Contest takes place annually on the second Saturday in November. The forty-sixth contest took place Saturday, November 12, 2011. Pictures are now available. The Rose-Hulman recap.

This year's top finishers were
1. Carmel High School1299
2.Terre Haute South Vigo High School 1034
3. Castle   844
4.Signature   822

The 2011 class winners were
Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
1. Carmel 332 Carmel 377 Iowa City West 308 Carmel 353
2. Park Tudor 280 Fishers 261 Fishers 298Iowa City West 305
3. Culver Academies 233 Culver Academies 257 Park Tudor 288 Terre Haute South 273
4. Terre Haute South 232 terre Haute South 254 Terre Haute South 275 Castle 263

Top scoring individuals were
Senior                                                       Junior
            NAME                 SCHOOL                             NAME              SCHOOL
 1.      Lyndon Ji 100          Carmel                        Likith Govindaiah 95   Champaign Central
         Shi-Ke Xue 100         Iowa City West                
 2. 	 Rebecca Chen 94        Park Tudor		      Chaien Jung 89         Iowa City West	
         Marissa Stephens 94    Indianapolis North Central
 3.      Nick Posey 90          Terre Haute South             Dan Fu 88              Park Tudor
 4.	 Terry Ming 89          Carmel                        Neil Jairath 84        Castle
                                                              Andrew Mayo 84         Lutheran 
                                                              Nate Smith 84          Fishers
                                                              Nicholas Wawrykow 84   St. Joseph's
 5.	 Youkow Homma 82        Carmel                        Alex Barksdale 82      Terre Haute South
         Willie Zhu 82          Carmel
 6.	 Ryan Benshoof          Fishers                       Ji-Eun Choi            Iowa City West
	 Michael Mardini        Terre Haute South             Madeline Snipes        Fishers
         Patrick Tierney        Iowa City West
 7.	 Ben Sheff              Iowa City West                Scott An               Hamilton Southeastern
 8.	 Xi Lu                  Urbana                        Jack Chen              Park Tudor
                                                              Henry Stadler          Terre Haute South
                                                              Jiahang Zou            Iowa City West
 9.      Tommy Dauer            Castle                        Brian Campbell-Deem    Urbana
         Jae Lee                Hamilton Southeastern        
         Udit Vyas              Castle
10.      Katelyn Blanke         Castle                        Shaan Erickson         Signature
         Andrea Lin             Culver Academies              Usama Kamran           Fishers
                                                              Catherine Mytelka      Park Tudor
                                                              Anne Leonhard          Hamilton Southeastern
                                                              David Wintermeyer      North Central
                                                              Jerry Xu               Carmel
11. 	 Austin Willis          Hamilton Southeastern         Alek Jansen            Warsaw Community HS
                                                              Deborah Lee            Terre Haute South
                                                              Melinda Song           Carmel
12.	 Aixin Chen             Zionsville                    Asya Bergal            Iowa City West
                                                              Nathaniel Gruzinski    Castle
                                                              Xue Chen Li            Culver Academies
                                                              Nick Miller            Castle
Congratulations to seniors Tommy Dauer, Youkow Homma, Lyndon Ji, Micahel Mardini, Terry Ming, and Nicholas Posey who earned individual awards for each of the four years 2008-11.
In addition, Lyndon Ji earned a perfect score all four years.
	  Sophomore	     		      	                       Freshman
1.      Yushi Homma 100      Carmel                 Nathan Mytelka 95       Park Tudor
        Eric Langowski 100   Carmel                                                  
        David Liang 100      Carmel
        Mark Sellke 100      Lafayette Harrison   
2.      Patrick Tan 94       Carmel                 Alex Yu 94              Carmel
3.	Jing Wen Liao 89     Culver Academies       Thomas Ritz 90          Fishers
4.      Ryan Chung 88        Terre Haute South      Kevin Fei 84            Carmel
5.	Charles Liang 83     Carmel                 Joshua Segaran 83       Carmel
6.	Krishan Kumar        Terre Haute South      Kevin Mi 82             Carmel
        Yin Xiao Wang        Culver Academies       George Ye 82            Culver Academies
        Josh Woodward        Fishers 
7. 	Shelia Han           Fishers                Julia Wang              Park Tudor
8.      Beilin Li            West Lafayette         Ben Brubaker            Terre Haute South
9. 	Claudia Huang        Carmel                 Chrishan Fernando       Carmel
10.	Dimi Tcholakov       Fishers                Junyi Dai               Culver Academies
11.     Jason Chan           Culver Academies       Mike Crowell            Terre Haute South
        Birchell Eversole    Terre Haute South 
        Kai Yan              Iowa City West   
12. 	Bowman Clark         Signature              Brooke Stephanian       Terre Haute South
Congratulations to the Winners of the Sally Shonk memorial award; Nathan Mytelka and Julia Wang
and to the Mary Rhein memorial award winners; Youshi Homma, Eric Langowski, David Liang, Mark Sellke, and Jing Wen Liao.

This year there were approximately 400 students from 23 schools. The schools competing this year were: Carmel, Castle, Champaign Central, Covenant Christian, Culver Academies, EVansville Harrison, Fishers, Hamilton Southeastern, Indianapolis Lutheran, Indianapolis North Central, Iowa City West, Lafayette Harrison, Park Tudor, Signature, South Vermillion, St. Joseph's, Terre Haute North Vigo High School, Terre Haute South Vigo High School, Urbana, Warsaw, West Lafayette, West Noble, West Vigo, and Zionsville. There were also guest middle school students from Honey Creek, Sycamore and Klondike.

-A summary of the scoring for this year's contest:
                      FR     SO     JR     SR
Number of Students    65     81    126     89 
Top Score             95    100     95    100
Twelfth Place         64     61     64     66
Median                46     39     46     48    46
Mean                47.8   42.9   44.3   48.0   45.5

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