The Fortieth Annual

Rose-Hulman High-school Mathematics Contest


The Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Mathematics Contest takes place annually on the second Saturday in November. The fortieth contest took place Saturday, November 12, 2005. Some pictures from 2005 are now on-line.

This year's top finishers were
1. Terre Haute South Vigo High School 1266
2. Carmel 1205
3. Park Tudor 980

The 2005 class winners were
Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
1. Terre Haute South 336 Carmel 327 Iowa City West 309 Terre Haute South 334
2. Carmel 295 Terre Haute South 316 Park Tudor 292 Carmel 324
3. Lafayette Jefferson 183 Park Tudor 247 Terre Haute South 280 Indiana Academy 313

Top scoring individuals were
	Senior                                                  Junior
            NAME                 SCHOOL                             NAME              SCHOOL
 1.	 Justin Yi 95       Indiana Academy		        Jeffrey Chenhall 95   Iowa City West
	 Fan Huang 95	    Urbana				Susan Hu 95 	      Terre Haute South
 2.	 Sam Claus 90	    Iowa City West			Nathan Biberdorf 89   Oakhaven Christian   
	 Kate Goeller 90    Terre Haute South			   
 3.	 Daniel Fox 89      Terre Haute South			Michael Harris 88     Park Tudor   
 	 Nan Lin 89	    Ben Davis				Frederick Kim 88      Bloomington South
								Ravi Parikh 88        Park Tudor
 4.	 Charles Tam 88	    Indiana Academy			Artem Rogachev 84     Urbana   
 	 Jack Zhang 88	    Indiana Academy			   
 5.	 Joshua Hutchins 85 Carmel				Nicholas Allendorf 83 Iowa City West   
 6.	 Luke Xie 83	    Carmel				Hao Yang 80           Carmel
 7.	 Steven Mardis 82   Terre Haute South			Jung-up Park          Covenant Christian
 	 Amir Aburabi 82    Hamilton Southeastern			   
	 Jessica Ji 82      Terre Haute South			   
	 Miller Li 82	    Iowa City West			   
 8.	 Peter Kim	    Carmel				Kentaro Matsuoka      Park Tudor
 	 Kevin Shiue	    Carmel				Matt Rosenberger      Urbana
 	 Hans Zhao	    Carmel			   
 9.	 Krystal Woo	    Covenant Christian		        Emily Zhao            Terre Haute South	   
10.	 Fernanda Mendes    Urbana				Paul Hlebowitsh       Iowa City West
	 Jenna Ramsey	    Park Tudor			   
11.	 Jennafer Banister  Hamilton Southeastern		Zack Golden           Indiana Academy	   
	 Rickpaul Dhindsa   Park Tudor			   
	 Matt Dillon	    Terre Haute North			   
 	 Audra White	    Terre Haute South			   
12.	 Bernabe Davila	    Hamilton Southeastern		Andy Chen             Indiana Academy
	 Brian Thomas	    Hamilton Southeastern		David Sprunger        Indiana Academy

Congratulations to Daniel Fox, Kate Goeller, Peter Kim, Charles Tam, and Luke Xie, who earned individual awards for the fourth time.
	  Sophomore	     			           Freshman

1. Matthew Croop 90      Indianapolis North Central             David Benjamin 100    West Lafayette
   Tyler Zou 90          Carmel						
2. E. G. Wright 89       Terre Haute South			Pardha Ponugoti 90    Terre Haute South
   John Zhong 89         Carmel						
3. Thomas Kinnebrew 84   Terre Haute South			Curie Ahn 85          Iowa City West
   Xingping Shen 84      Carmel					Yingxue Li 85         Carmel
                                                                Andy Liu 85           Terre Haute South
4. Sean Lee              Penn					Raj Bhuptani 82       Terre Haute South
   Tom Schroeder         Park Tudor					
5. Emma Park             Covenant Christian			Todd Lee              Penn
								Kristina Throne       Terre Haute South
6. Swara Kopparty        Terre Haute South			Paul Lee              Carmel
7. Ian Shellman          Park Tudor				Kathy Ingram          Iowa City West
8. Peter Duong           Terre Haute South			Ashley Nagel          Nagel Academy
   Parth Patel           Hamilton Southeastern				
9. Ed Paget              Lafayette Jefferson			Ruofan Xia            Carmel
10. Kevin Kim            Carmel					David Yang            Carmel
11. Kevin Chu            Carmel					William Berry         Hamilton Southeastern
12. Isaac Sheff          Iowa City West				Ed Coyle              Lafayette Jefferson
    Gray Thomas          Iowa City West				Laura Cremer          Iowa City West

Congratulations to the Winners of the Sally Shonk memorial award; David Benjamin, Curie Ahn, and Yingxue Li,
and to the Mary Rhein memorial award winners; Matthew Croop, Tyler Zou, and Emma Park.

This year there were approximately 333 students from 27 schools registered for the contest. The schools competing this year were:
Arsenal Tech, Ben Davis, Bloomington South, Broad Ripple, Carmel, Castle, Covenant Christian, Crawfordsville, Hamilton Southeastern, Indiana Academy Indianapolis Lutheran, Indianapolis North Central, Iowa City West, Jasper, Lafayette Jefferson, Nagel Academy, North Newton, Oakhaven Christian, Park Tudor, Penn, Perry Meridian, South Vermillion, Terre Haute North, Terre Haute South, University School (Carmel), and Urbana.

Honey Creek Middle School particiapated as a guest school. Outstanding performances were turned in by Nathan Benjamin and Sachin Shinde, who scored 95, and Joseph Botros who scored 84.
A summary of the scoring for this year's contest:
                      FR     SO     JR     SR
Number of Students    77     77     91     88 
Top Score            100     95	    95     95
Twelfth Place         57     61     68     70
Median                37     37     46     49
Mean                41.1   40.7   47.7   52.8

For more information about the contest, please send e-mail to