The Thirty-seventh Annual

Rose-Hulman High-school Mathematics Contest

The Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Mathematics Contest takes place annually on the second Saturday in November. The thirty-seventh contest took place Saturday, November 9, 2002. Some pictures are now available.

This year's top finishers were
1. Terre Haute South Vigo High School 1253
2. Iowa City West 1213
3. Carmel 1139

The 2002 class winners were
Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
1. Terre Haute South 349 Terre Haute South 305 Park Tudor 335 Iowa City West 350
2. Carmel 290 Iowa City West 275 Terre Haute South 326 Carmel 307
3. Iowa City West 289 Hamilton Southeastern 265 Carmel 301 Hamilton Southeastern 304

Top scoring individuals were
	Senior                                                  Junior
            NAME                 SCHOOL                             NAME                  SCHOOL
1.      John Hegeman 100        Iowa City West                    Jason Brown 100      Park Tudor
        Michael Kane 100        Iowa City West                                                  
2.	Aaron Cantrell 89       Perry Meridian                    Ann Chi 95           Terre Haute South
3.	Henry Chou 88           Hamilton Southeastern             Patrick Mihelich 94  Park Tudor
        Brian Ho 88             Champaign Central                 Scott VanDyke 94     Covenant Christian
        Chengjie Huang 88       Iowa City West                    Luobei Zhu 94        Carmel
4.	Tuck Robinson 83        Indiana Academy                   Steven Maynard 90    Terre Haute South
	Jared van der Linden 83 Indianapolis North Central        
        Nan Tian 83             Carmel
5.	Jerry Wu 82             Carmel                            Tim Kirchner 88      Iowa City West
6.      Sheryl Pai 80           Hamilton Souteastern              Luis Mendes 83       Urbana
	                                                          Mike Munson 83       Terre Haute North
7.      Avi Koivunmiemi         Park Tudor                        Adam Boocher 82      Riley
                                                                  Miguel Morcuende 82  Iowa City West
8.	Amy Fruehwald           Park Tudor                        Tyler Kupferer       Columbus North
	Shanon Jaquess          Castle                  
        Brittany Melton         Terre Haute South
        Mike Miller             Carmel                   
9.	Justin Farlow           Park Tudor                        Kristen Clark        Terre Haute South
	Adam Malacina           Indiana Academy
10. 	Daniel Albrecht         South Vermillion                  Mark Amos            Perry Meridian
        Yuan Zhou               Terre Haute South                 Matt Baker           Columbus North
                                                                  Zachary Catlin       Indiana Academy
                                                                  Alex Clerc           Columbus North
                                                                  AJ Goldman           Hamilton Southeastern
                                                                  Noah Wright          Terre Haute South
11.	Marty Chang             Carmel                            Jeh-Hyun Cho         Urbana
                                                                  Chao Jiang           Urbana
                                                                  Jeff Swhier         Park Tudor
12.	Michael Chang           Indiana Academy                   Melissa Boyer        Perry Meridian
        Ted Jennermann          Terre Haute North                 Ryan Mitchell        Hamilton Southeastern
	AJ Polky                Terre Haute South                 Chastity Williams    Terre Haute South
        Feng Tu                 Hamilton Southeastern             
Congratulations to AJ Polky, Feng Tu, and Yuan Zhou who earned individual awards for the fourth time.
	  Sophomore	     			           Freshman
            NAME              SCHOOL                             NAME                  SCHOOL
1.	 James Powell 88       Terre Haute South	     Tiffany Ko 94      Terre Haute South
2.	 Ken Yon Hui 83        Park Tudor                    Andy Wang 89       Iowa City West
3.	 Aaron Dinkledine 82   Kokomo Area Schools at Home   Mark Elliot 88     Terre Haute North
         Rosemary Luo 82       Terre Haute South             Daniel Fox 88      Terre Haute South
4.	 Avinash Puchalapalli  Terre Haute South             Kate Goeller 84    Terre Haute South
5.       Aaron Hershberger     Hamilton Southeastern           
5.	 Sara Gussin           Iowa City West                Yizheng He 83      Carmel
                                                             Nicholas Lynch 83  Terre Haute South
6.       Ruth Dhanaraj         Carmel                        Charles Tam 82     North Central
	 Drew Klein            Iowa City West                                                
7.	 Elizabeth Amos        Lutheran                      Carlin Ma          Carmel
8.	 Ha-Yoon Chun          Champaign Central             Luke Xie           Carmel
         Julian Machala        Urbana                        Jack Zhang         Carmel
9.	 Kyle Montgomery       Hamilton Southeastern	     Chris Clerc        Columbus North
10.	 Sean Jezewski         Iowa City West                Peter Fleming      Columbus North
         Bob Warden            Terre Haute North             Audra White        Terre Haute South
11.      Nic Hamilton          Terre Haute South             Peter Ahn          Iowa City West
         Kim Seul-Rang         Columbus North                Jessica Ranucci    Park Tudor
12.	 Leah Siegel           North Central                 Peter Kim          Carmel
                                                             Kimberly Ton       Terre Haute South

This year there were 442 students from 27 schools registered for the contest. The schools competing this year were:
Arsenal Tech, Baptist Academy, Broad Ripple, Carmel, Castle, Champaign Central, Columbus North, Covenant Christian, Crawfordsville, Evansville North, Evansville Memorial, Gibson Southern, Hamilton Southeastern, Indiana Academy, Indianapolis Lutheran, Indianapolis North Central, Iowa City West, James Whitcomb Riley, Kokomo Area Schools at Home, North Newton, North Vermillion, Park Tudor, Perry Meridian, South Vermillion, Terre Haute North, Terre Haute South, and Urbana.

(There were also 8 guest 8th graders from Honey Creek Middle School)

For more information about the contest, please send e-mail to