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Real Variables

Textbook: A Book of Abstract Algebra, by Charles C. Pinter.
MTRF 9, G222
John Rickert, Associate Professor of Mathematics
Office: G-215A, Crapo Hall
Phone: (812) 877-8473
Campus mail: CM 141
e-mail: john.rickert@rose-hulman.edu
Office hours: TBD My schedule
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It's strongly recommended that you work on exercises as we cover the sections, and ask questions during the week before they are due.

Course Policy

Multi-page homeworks should be stapled together, not mutilated.
Place your name and Campus Mailbox number in the upper right-hand corner of your homework. Homework is due when I collect it, typically at the beginning of class on the due date. Homework may be turned in later but will be penalized based on just how late it is - typically
    1 point off for turned in late during the class,
    10% off for being turned in late the same day,
    20% off per day. (weekends count for two days) i.e. 5 days later, it's too late to get a makeup homework turned in.
When writing up homework, you should circle (or otherwise clearly indicate) your answers.
It's good to work together, but you should write/type your own homework. Simply copying another person's work is not acceptable. Homeworks that are too similar to each other will be worth no credit.
I reserve the right to return as unacceptable any homework that is inadequately prepared. (full of scratch work, problems out of order, submitted on crumpled or fringed paper)
If you have any questions while I'm not around, you may e-mail me at rickert@rose-hulman.edu and I will reply as soon as I can.

You should come to class prepared. This means that I expect you to have done the homework, read the material, and brought your book to class.
Class participation means asking questions, answering questions, and contributing observations during class. Merely arriving for class is not enough.

A summary of the grade weights

Pre-final exams are worth 30%
The final exam is worth 20%
Homework is worth 25%
Class participation(quizzes, worksheets, cogent observations) is worth 25%

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