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MTWRF 9/10, G222
John Rickert, Associate Professor of Mathematics
Office: G-215A, Crapo Hall
Phone: (812) 877-8473
Campus mail: Box 141
e-mail: john.rickert@rose-hulman.edu
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Note: when you turn in homework, include both your name and campus mailbox number at the top

We will have exams on Friday, October 19; Friday, October 26; Friday, November 2.
On all other days we will have a quiz.
The final exam takes place Thursday, November 15 8:00AM-12:00 noon in O231 and O233.

Monday, October 8: We have our first daily quiz.
For Tuesday, October 9: Work the exercises in Just-In-Time(JIT) Section 4.2 #1-13,15,17,19; And Thomas Appendix 3 A.3 #1,5,7,8,9,10,16,17. Turn in these exercises on Wednesday.
Prepare for the second daily quiz.
For Wednesday, October 10: JITSec. 3.2 #1-27 odd. Turn in these exercises on Monday.
Prepare for the third daily quiz.
Turn in Tuesday's assignment (JIT Sec. 4.2 and Thomas Sec. A.3)

For Monday, October 15: JIT Sec. 3.1 #1-19 odd; Sec 3.2 #20,22; Sec 3.3 #1,3,6,7,23,30.
Prepare for the fourth daily quiz.(Quiz preparation continues daily.)
Turn in Wednesday's assignment (JIT 3.2)
For Tuesday, October 16: JIT Sec. 1.3 #1-22. Turn in these exercises on Wednesday.
For Wednesday, October 17: JIT Sec. 1.4 #1-22. Memorize the rules for exponents listed on page 37 of Thomas.
Turn in Tuesday's homework (JIT Sec. 1.3)
For Thursday, October 18: JIT Sec. 5.5 #1-8.
Friday, October 19: Exam #1.

For Monday, October 22: JIT Sec. C.3 #1-11. Thomas Sec. 1.6 #47-52.
For Tuesday, October 23: JIT Sec. 7.2 #1-6; Sec. 7.3 #1-12. Thomas Sec. 1.3 #5,6,43,44. Turn in these exercises on Wednesday.
For Wednesday, October 24: JIT Sec. 7.4 #1-14; Sec A.1 #1-4; Sec. A.2 #1,2; Sec. C.4 #1-5. Turn in these exercises on Thursday.
For Thursday, October 25: JIT Sec. C.2 #5-9; Sec. C.3 #1-6; Sec. C.4 #6,7,14. Turn in these exercises for check-off. Turn them in on Monday.

Friday, October 26: Exam #2.

Monday, October 29:
Learn the limit laws listed on page 68 of Thomas.
Thomas Section 2.2 #2,5,6,11,21,25,33,35,54,61,73.
Turn in the following for check-off:
JIT Sec. 3.1 #1-19 odd; Sec 3.2 #20,22; Sec 3.3 #1,3,6,7,23,30.
JIT Sec. 1.4 #1-22.
JIT Sec. 5.5 #1-8.
JIT Sec. C.3 #1-11; Thomas Sec. 1.6 #47-52.
JIT Sec. C.2 #5-9; Sec. C.3 #1-6; Sec. C.4 #6,7,14

Tuesday, October 30: Section 2.4 #1,5,6,11,14,15,21,25,36.
Turn in Section 2.2 for check-off
Wednesday, October 31: Section 2.5 #1,5,13,23,31,39,49. Turn in these exercises on Thursday.
Turn in Section 2.4 for check-off
Thursday, November 1: Turn in The Section 2.5 homework for grading.
Section 2.6 #3,5,17,19,25,37,46,54,67,69.
Friday, November 2: Exam #3.

Monday, November 5: Section 3.1 #1,11,28,49; Section 3.2 #1,5,10,13,27-30,32; Learn the boxed differentiation rules on pages 135-141 of Thomas.
Turn in Section 2.6 for check-off
Tuesday, November 6: Section 3.3 #1,2,14,17,25,48,51,53,60,77. Turn in these exercises on Wednesday for grading.
Turn in Sections 3.1 and 3.2 for check-off.
Wednesday, November 7: Turn in the Section 3.3 homework for grading.
Section 3.5 #1,5,24,30,55,59,61; section 3.8 #13,83.
Thursday, November 8: Bring your computer to class. We will take time to get the course evaluations filled out.
Section 3.4 #1,8,10,15,27.
Turn in Sections 3.5 and 3.8 for check-off.
Friday, November 9: Chapter 3 practice exercises (pages 213-217) #1,4,9,11,31,85,93,94,99,102,119-122,125,148.
Turn in Section 3.4 exercises for check-off.

Final Exam. Thursday, November 15 8:00AM-noon in O231/O233.

Course Policy

This class will have three in-class exams and a quiz each day that there is no exam.
The final exam will be given during finals week. If you are making arrangements for travel home, you should make sure that they will not conflict with the final exam schedule. If your parents will br purchasing airline tickets for you, you should contact them and remind them not to schedule you on a flight that might cause you fail a class.
There will be two parts to the final exam. For the first part, you will be allowed the use of only a writing utensil. For the second part, you may use clean Maple worksheets.
The weights for the grade are given below.
You will be expected to pass some "basic skills" quizzes during the term. These will count as part of your quiz grades. There will be both differentiation and anti-differentiation quizzes.

Homework should have your name, campus mailbox number, and class at the top of the page. A stapler is probably a good investment for most of you. Multi-page homeworks should be stapled together, not mutilated.
Homework will typically be due at the beginning of class on the due date. Homework may be turned in later but will be penalized based on just how late it is - typically 10% off per day. i.e. 10 days later, it's too late to get a makeup homework turned in.
When writing up homework, you should circle (or otherwise clearly indicate) your answers
If you have any questions while I'm not around, you may e-mail me at john.rickert@rose-hulman.edu and I will reply as soon as I can.

You should come to class prepared. This means that I expect you to have done the homework, brought your book to class and launched Maple at the beginning of class. Silence cell phones, pagers, and similar devices during class. Do not text or hold phone conversations during class - they can leave a message.

A summary of the grade weights

There will be three in-class exams worth 15% each
The final exam will be worth 30%
Quizzes and homework will be worth 25%
Extra credit that is earned will be added on to your grade after the curve has been determined.

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