Three Pitch Innings

Bill Deane collected three-pitch half-innings for many years. After discovering that six such innings had occurred in 2003, he decided to pass the list on.

Six of the 1910-19 incidents are listed in the 1920 edition of Spalding's Official Base Ball Record, while two others are from the book Walter Johnson, Baseball's Big Train. Many of those from recent years were found by looking through the data at Other contributors include, alphabetically, Cliff Blau, Mike Bojanowski, Jim Charlton, Gil Craker, Mike Emeigh, Ed Ho, Jeff James, Scott Longert, Andrew Meeusen, Peter Morris, Gerry Myerson, Iain Read, Tom Ruane, Eric Sallee, Stew Thornley, Dixie Tourangeau, Wayne Townsend, Frank Vaccaro, Lisa Port White, and Allan Wood.

The list is below. I have included links to box scores at Retrosheet, and plan to add more such links someday.
If you know of any other three-pitch innings in the majors, please e-mail me.

07/15/1878 Will White, Cincinatti (NL) vs. Providence bottom of the 3rd [Hines, Carey, Hague]
07/06/1887 John Kirby, Cleveland (AA) vs. Brooklyn bottom of the 5th [Porter, Pinkney, McClellan]
06/05/1894 Duke Esper, Washington (NL) vs. Cleveland bottom of the 3rd [Young, Childs, Burkett]
07/11/1894 Bert Inks, Baltimore (NL) vs. Pittsburgh. bottom of the 4th
05/22/1895 George Hodson, Philadelphia (NL) vs. Chicago (Wilmot doubles but overruns second and is tagged out, next two batters retired on first pitch).
07/13/1895 Jack Taylor, Philadelphia (NL) vs. St. Louis in the 8th
07/25/1896 Chick Fraser, Louisville (NL) vs. Washington in the 1st (groundout3,groundout4, foulpop2) [O'Brien, Selbach, Demontreville] 08/07/1899 Vic Willis, Boston (NL) vs. Washington in the 2nd
08/22/1903 Addie Joss, Cleveland (AL) vs. Philadelphia in the 2nd
10/08/1908 Mordecai Brown, Chicago (NL) vs. New York in the 9th
04/14/1910 Jumbo Vaughn, New York (AL) vs. Boston in the 10th (Vaughn also had two four-pitch innings in that same game)
06/27/1911 Walter Johnson, Washington (AL) vs. New York (1st game)
10/09/1912 Christy Mathewson, New York (NL) at Boston (AL) in the 11th (World Series Game #2) (ground63, ground63, ground13) [Heine Wagner, Bill Carrigan, Hugh Bedient]
10/16/1912 Christy Mathewson, New York (NL) at Boston (AL) in the 5th (World Series Game #8) (fly7, out7, out9) [Heine Wagner, Hick Cady, Hugh Bedient]
05/26/1913 Walter Johnson, Washington (AL) vs. Philadelphia in the 6th
08/19/1915 Fritz Coumbe, Cleveland (AL) vs. Washington in the 6th
08/29/1915 Walter Johnson, Washington (AL) vs. St. Louis
06/01/1917 Walter Johnson, Washington (AL) vs. St. Louis in the 2nd
06/27/1917 Ed Klepfer, Cleveland (AL) vs. St. Louis in the 1st
09/21/1917 Molly Craft, Washington (AL) vs. Detroit in the 6th
06/03/1919 Hooks Dauss, Detroit (AL) vs. Chicago in the 6th
09/21/1919 Slim Sallee, Cincinnati (NL) vs. Brooklyn in the 9th
05/01/1920 Joe Oeschger, Boston (NL) vs. Brooklyn in the 7th (26 inning game)
08/11/1923 Sam Jones, New York (AL) vs. Detroit in the 6th (2nd game)
10/14/1929 Rube Walberg, Philadelphia (AL) vs. Chicago (NL) in the 7th (World Series Game #5) (out8, out9, pop2) [Charlie Grimm, Zack Taylor, Pat Malone]
06/04/1937 Johnny Allen, Cleveland(AL) vs. New York in the 2nd (three infield outs) (New York Times, June 5, 1937, page 10)
10/06/1941 Ernie Bonham, New York (AL) at Brooklyn (NL) in the 7th (World Series Game #5; he had thrown only four pitches in the previous inning) (pop3, ground63, Galanpop3) [PeeWee Reese, Mickey Owen, Augie Galan]
05/11/1969 Sonny Siebert, Boston (AL) at California in the 2nd (ground63, fly9, pop3) [Tom Egan, Roger Repoz, Aurelio Rodriguez]
05/25/1969 Joe Niekro, Chicago (NL) at San Diego in the 8th (2nd game) (out8, out7, ground63) [Don Kessinger, Glenn Beckert, Billy Williams]
06/25/1972 Burt Hooton, Chicago (NL) vs. Pittsburgh in the 4th (line5, ground63, ground43) [Roberto Clemente, Willie Stargell, Al Oliver]
09/17/1978 Don Kirkwood,, Toronto (AL) at Baltimore in the 2nd (groundout1, goundout6, groundout1) [Dempsey, Dauer, Belanger]
08/20/1979 Jerry Terrell, Kansas City (AL) vs. New York in the 9th (in his first professional inning pitched) (pop6, pop5, out8) [Fred Stanley, Bobby Brown, Len Randle]
07/21/1987 Jimmy Key, Toronto (AL) at Texas in the 2nd (out9, ground43,ground53) [Pete Incaviglia, Pete O'Brien, Larry Parrish]
05/15/1989 Floyd Bannister, Kansas City (AL) at Minnesota in the 2nd (pop5,fly7,ground43) [Kent Hrbek, Gene Larkin, Carmelo Castillo]
04/09/1990 Tony Fossas, Milwaukee (AL) at Chicago in the 6th (pop4,ground13,ground53) [Ron Kittle, Carlton Fisk, Carlos Martinez]
07/26/1992 Bruce Hurst, San Diego (NL) at New York in the 8th (ground-out53, line-out7, fly-out8) [Dave Gallagher, Chico Walker, Eddie Murray]
08/12/1992 Scott Sanderson, New York (AL) at Detroit, in the 7th (ground-out43,fly-out7,ground-out3) [Scott Livingstone, Mark Carreon, Rico Brogna]
09/11/1995 Jack McDowell, New York (AL) at Cleveland in the 9th
04/11/1996 Kevin Brown, Florida(NL) at Los Angeles in the 5th (groundout53, groundout63, fly8) [Greg Gagne, Dave Hansen, Delino DeShields]
04/23/1996 Scott Radinsky(2) and Todd Worrell(1), Los Angeles(NL) at Atlanta in the 8th (fly8, buntout13, groundout64) [Dave Justice, Ryan Klesko, Javey Lopez]
05/08/1996 Armando Reynoso, Colorado(NL) at Atlanta in the 6th (groundout31, groundout43, fly7) [Mark Lemke, Chipper Jones, Fred McGriff]
05/11/1996 Al Leiter, Florida (NL) vs. Colorado in the 8th (groundout43, fly8, pop1) [Ellis Burkes, Vinny Castilla, Jason Bates] (during his no-hitter, retired first two batters in the 9th on two pitches)
05/20/1996 Donovan Osborne, St. Louis(NL) at Houston in the 6th (fly9, fly7, groundout63) [Sean Berry, James Moutan, Orlando Miller]
06/11/1996 Kevin Ritz, Colorado(NL) vs. Houston in the 6th (groundout43, groundout43, groundout43) [Derrick May, Sean Berry, Orlando Miller]
07/31/1996 Brad Radke, Minnesota(AL) vs. Baltimore in the 5th (double, pop6, linedoubleplay646) [Cal Ripken, Eddie Murray, Chris Hoiles]
08/02/1996 Bobby Jones, New York(NL) vs. St. Louis in the 6th (groundout3, single, doubleplay463) [John Mabry, Gary Gaetti, Danny Sheaffer]
08/23/1996 Doug Johns, Oakland(AL) at New York in the 6th (fly8, groundout43, groundout43) [Joe Girardi, Andy Fox, Derek Jeter]
09/06/1996 Jeff Fassero, Montreal(NL) at Florida in the 6th (groundout43, groundout53, line9) [Luis Castillo, Edgar Renteria, Jesus Tavaras]
09/26/1996 ?Kevin Jarvis?, Cincinnati(NL) vs. Chicago in the 1st (fly8, ground13, ground63) [Doug Glanville, Robin Jennings, Mark Grace]
09/28/1996 ?Rick Honeycutt?, St. Louis(NL) vs. Cincinnati in the 9th (groundout63, ??groundout63, pop3) [Bret Boone, Eduardo Perez, Barry Larkin]
04/16/1997 Omar Daal, Montreal(NL) at Houston in the 8th (groundout13, fly9, groundout63) [Russ Johnson, Tim Bogar, Brad Ausmus]
04/20/1997 Bob Wolcott, Seattle(AL) vs. Minnesota in the 5th (single, doubleplay543, fly8) [Rich Becker, Greg Colbrunn, Matt Lawton]
04/29/1997 Roger Pavlik, Texas(AL) at Chicago(AL) in the 7th (line7, fly8, groundout53) [Frank Thomas, Albert Belle, Harold Baines]
06/12/1997 Aaron Small, Oakland(AL) vs. Los Angeles(NL) in the 8th (line7, single, doubleplay43) [Raul Mondesi, Eric Karros, Todd Hollandsworth]
06/20/1997 Kent Bottenfield, Chicago(NL) at Houston in the 5th (fly8, single, doubleplay643) [Tony Eusebio, Tim Bogar, Pat Listach]
07/03/1997 Jim Bullinger, Montreal(NL) vs. Atlanta in the 3rd (fly8, line1, fly8) [Michael Tucker, Chipper Jones, Fred McGriff]
07/05/1997 Charles Nagy, Cleveland(AL) vs. Kansas City in the 6th (groundout43, groundout3, fly9) [Chili Davis, Jon Nunnally, Johnny Damon]
08/27/1997 Nelson Cruz, Chicago(AL) at Toronto in the 5th (fly7, groundout43, fly8) [Ed Sprague, Shawn Green, Benito Santiago] (first three batters faced by Cruz, the next ((Tomas Perez)) also flied out on the first pitch. In the top of the 6th the White Sox were retired on 5 pitches)
09/26/1997 Brian Bohanon, New York(NL) vs Atlanta in the 3rd (groundout63, line 5, groundout43) [Chipper Jones, Fred McGriff, Andruw Jones]
09/26/1997 Rodney Beck, San Francisco(NL) vs. San Diego in the 9th (fly8, fly7, fly9) [Chris Gomez, Mandy Romero, Mark Kroon]
04/10/1998 Kevin Tapani, Chicago(NL) at Montreal in the 9th (groundout31, groundout53, fly7) [Ryan McGuire, Vladimir Guerrero, Brad Fullmer]
04/25/1998 Jeff Suppan, Arizona(NL) at Florida in the 3rd (line8, line8, line8) [Edgar Renteria, Craig Counsell, Gary Sheffield]
04/25/1998 Esteban Loaiza, Pittsburgh(NL) at San Diego in the 2nd (single, doubleplay543, line4) [Greg Myers, James Mouton, Chris Gomez]
05/05/1998 Brian Meadows, Florida(NL) vs. San Franisco in the 6th (fly8, groundout3, bunt13) [Stan Javier, JT Snow, Rey Sanchez]
05/08/1998 Rick Helling, Texas(AL) vs. Cleveland in the 4th (pop8, single, linedoubleplay53) [Travis Fryman, Pat Borders, David Bell]
05/15/1998 Ismael Valdes, Los Angeles(NL) vs. Montreal in the 1st (pop7, pop9, fly8) [FP Santagelo, Mark Grudielanek, Vladimir Guerrero]
05/17/1998 Jim Mecir, Tampa Bay(AL) at Baltimore in the 8th (single, doubleplay743, groundout63) [Rob Alomar, Rafael Palmeiro, Harold Baines]
06/03/1998 Tim Crabtree, Texas at Oakland in the 7th (groundout53, single, doubleplay463) [Miguel Tejada, Rickey Henderson, Scott Spiezio]
06/04/1998 Bret Saberhagen, Boston(AL) vs. Baltimore in the 4th (single, doubleplay163, fly7) [Joe Carter, Harold Baines, Rafael Palmeiro]
05/04/1998 Chan Ho Park, Los Angeles(NL) vs. St. Louis in the 7th (fly8, groundout43, fly7) [Ron Gant, Delino Deshields, Brian Jordan]
06/09/1998 Brad Radke, Minnesota (AL) vs. Chicago (NL) in the 6th (fly9, fly8, groundout53) [Brant Brown, Mickey Morandini, Sammy Sosa]
07/01/1998 Bret Saberhagen, Boston(AL) vs. Montreal(NL) in the 4th (pop6, single, doubleplay643) [Jose Vidro, FP Santangelo, Vladimir Guerrero]
07/12/1998 Brian Anderson, Arizona(NL) vs. Cincinnati in the 5th (fly9, groundout53, groundout53) [Pete Harnisch, Reggie Sanders, Chris Stynes]
07/18/1998 Steve Woodard, Milwaukee(NL) at Atlanta in the 5th (groundout53, double+out845, groundout53) [Andres Galarraga, Ryan Klesko, Javier Lopez]
08/01/1998 David Wells, New York(AL) at Seattle in the 9th (fly7, pop6, fly7) [David Segui, Jay Buhner, Russ Davis]
08/09/1998 Rolando Arrojo, Tampa Bay(AL) vs. Cleveland in the 7th (single, buntdoubleplay164, pop6) [Richie Sexson, David Bell, Pat Borders]
08/11/1998 John Thomson, Colorado(NL) vs. Montreal in the 7th (line5, groundout63, fly8) [Chris Widger, Orlando Cabrera, Scott Livingstone]
08/16/1998 Matt Karchner, Chicago(NL) at Houston in the 9th (fly8, line5, line9) [Jeff Bagwell, Moises Alou, Chad Everett]
08/18/1998 Gregg Olson, Arizona(NL) vs. Montreal in the 9th (groundout53, pop6, fly7) [Orlando Cabrera, Ryan McGuire, Vladimir Guerrero]
09/02/1998 Rafael Roque, Milwaukee(NL) vs. Colorado in the 4th (line8, groundout63, groundout53) [Dante Bichette, Larry Walker, Vinny Castilla]
09/15/1998G2 Manny Aybar, St. Louis(NL) vs. Pittsburgh in the 5th (line9, groundout53, pop4) [Emil Brown, Aramis Ramirez, Keith Osik]
09/18/1998 Andy Ashby, San Diego(NL) vs. Colorado in the 6th (line7, single, doubleplay643) [Larry Walker, Dante Bichette, Vinny Castilla]
09/20/1998 Mike Sirotka, Chicago(AL) vs. Boston in the 7th (pop4, single, doubleplay543) [Chris Snopek, Jason Varitek, Mike Benjamin]
09/26/1998 PeteHarnisch, Cincinnati(NL) vs. Pittsburgh in the 5th (groundout63, groundout43, groundout53) [Keith Osik, Abraham Nunez, Jason Schmidt]
04/07/2000 Andrew Lorrain, Chicago(NL) at Cincinnati in the 6th (fly9, fly9, fly7) [Dmitri Young, Alex Ochoa, Benito Santiago]
04/14/2000 Randy Johnson, Arizona (NL) at San Francisco in the 3rd (groundout53, groundout64, groundout43) [Rich Aurelia, Doug Mirabelli, Livan Hernandez]
04/20/2000 Randy Johnson, Arizona (NL) vs. Colorado in the 5th (fly7, groundout53, single out at 2nd843) [Todd Helton, Terry Shumpert, Neifi Perez]
04/20/2000 Mike James, St. Louis(NL) vs. San Diego in the 9th (pop3, fly8, groundout43) [Eric Owens, David Newhan, Ryan Klesko]
05/03/2000 Greg Maddux, Atlanta(NL) at Los Angeles(NL) in the 2nd (groundout43, foul3, groundout43) [Adrian Beltre, Kevin Elster, Carlos Perez]
05/16/2000 Juan Acevedo, Milwaukee(NL) vs. Houston in the 14th (buntgroundout53, line5, fly9) [Roger Cedeno, Craig Biggio, Jeff Bagwell]
06/21/2000 Rick Aguilera, Chicago(NL) at Atlanta in the 9th (single, linedoubleplay43, groundout53) [Chipper Jones, Andres Galarraga, Brian Jordan]
06/22/2000 Mike DeJean, Colorado at Cincinnati in the 8th (single, buntdp53(1)6, fly7) [Aaron Boone, Ed Taubensee, Michael Tucker]
06/28/2000 Jay Witasick, Kansas City (AL) vs. Cleveland in the 4th (groundout63, fly9, pop4) [Jim Thome, Richie Sexson, Sandy Alomar]
06/29/2000 Gil Heredia, Oakland(AL) vs. Texas in the 9th (line5, single, linedoubleply63) [Gabe Kaper, Royce Clayton, Luis Alicea]
07/25/2000 Masato Yosjii, Colorado(NL) vs. Los Angeles(NL) in the 6th (double, line9, linedoubleplay92) [ Chan Ho Park, Todd Hollandsworth, Mike Grudzielanek]
08/27/2000 Rob Bell, Cincinnati at Florida in the 3rd (groundout53, fly7, fly8) [Luis Castillo, Mark Kotsay, Henry Rodriguez]
09/18/2000 Felipe Lira, Montreal(NL) vs. Florida in the 4th (single, forceout64, doubleplay643) [Jesus Sanchez, Luis Castillo, Mark Kotsay]
09/19/2000 Travis Harper, Tampa Bay(AL) vs. Seattle in the 4th (fly9, onebaseerror5, doubleplay463) [John Olerud, Jay Buhner, Carlos Guillen]
09/22/2000 Kip Wells, Chicago(AL) at Minnesota in the 3rd (buntsingle, forceout46, doubleplay463) [Luis Rivas, Matt Lawton, Ron Coomer]
09/30/2000 Mike Mussina(1) and BJ Ryan(2), Baltimore(AL) vs. New York(AL) in the 7th (groundout53, onebaseerror5, doubleplay543) [Chris Turner, Clay Bellinger, Jose Vizcaino]
04/07/2001 Pete Harnisch, Cincinnati at Milwaukee in the 4th (groundout63, groundout53, line6) [Henry Blanco, Jamey Wright, Ron Belliard]
04/11/2001 Rick Reed New York(NL) vs. Atlanta(NL) in the 8th (groundout3, single, double play6(1)3) [Paul Bako, Keith Lockhart, Rafael Furcal]
07/16/2001 Ramiro MendozaNew York(AL) at Philadelphia(NL) in the 9th (groundout31, groundout 53, line4) [Eric Valent, Doug Glanville, Jimmy Rollins]
10/21/2001 Mariano Rivera, New York (AL) vs. Seattle in the 9th (ALCS Game #4) (ground-out31, ground-out43, pop-out3) [John Olerud, Stan Javier, Mike Cameron]
05/11/2002 Jason Middlebrook San Diego(NL) at Atlanta in the 5th (fly7, fly8, groundout63) [Chipper Jones, Andruw Jones, Vinnie Castilla]
06/02/2002 Chad Zerbe San Francisco(NL) vs. Colorado in the 8th (groundout43,groundout63,groundout63) [Juan Uribe, Mark Little, Greg Norton]
06/08/2002 Kazuhisa Ishii, Los Angeles (NL) at Baltimore (AL) in the 6th (pop-out4, ground-out13?, ground-out63) [Melvin Mora, Brian Roberts, Gary Matthews, Jr.]
08/19/2002 Graeme Lloyd Florida(NL) vs. San Francisco in the 9th (fly7, fly8, fly7) [Jeff Kent, Reggie Sanders, JT Snow]
08/23/2002 Bronson Arroyo Pittsburgh(NL) at Milwaukee in the 5th (fly8, groundout63,goundout3?) [Eric Young, Jeffrey Hammonds, Lenny Harris]
09/22/2002 Mike Maroth, Detroit(AL) vs. New York(AL) in the 7th (groundout53, groundout53, groundout64) [Alfonso Soriano, Juan Rivera, Raul Mondesi], David Wells retired Detroit on 5 pitches in the bottom of the 7th
09/25/2002 Tim Hudson, Oakland(AL) at Seattle in the 1st (fly7, groundout63, groundout63) [Ichiro Suzuki, Willie Bloomquist, Edgar Martinez]
04/19/2003 Mike DeJean, Milwaukee (NL) vs. Houston in the 10th (single, fly-out8, double play643) [Geoff Blum, Jeff Bagwell, Jeff Kent]
05/28/2003 Jeff D'Amico, Pittsburgh (NL) at Chicago in the 3rd (foul pop2, fly out9, ground-out43) [Tom Goodwin, Mark Grudzielanek, Corey Patterson]
06/15/2003 Mariano Rivera, New York (AL) vs. St. Louis (NL) in the 9th (hit batsman, double play643, ground-out43) [Albert Pujols, Tino Martinez, Jim Edmonds]
06/26/2003 Wayne Franklin, Milwaukee (NL) at Chicago in the 6th (ground-out53, fly-out8, fly-out9) [Alex S. Gonzalez, Jose Hernandez, Paul Bako]
09/21/2003 Travis Harper, Tampa Bay (AL) vs. New York in the 7th (single, double play463, ground-out63) [Enrique Wilson, Karim Garcia, Alfonso Soriano]
09/27/2003 John Parrish, Baltimore (AL) at New York in the 6th (ground-out3, single, double play643) [Nick Johnson, Derek Jeter, Ruben Sierra]
04/29/2004 Jarrod Washburn, Anaheim(AL) at Detroit in the 2nd (single, pop6, double play543) [Rondell White, Bobby Higginson, Craig Monroe]
05/08/2004 Jimmy Gobble, Kansas City(AL) at Boston in the 4th (single, fly9, double play643) [Jason Varitek, Bill Mueller, Dave McCarty]
05/14/2004 Esteban Yan, Detroit(AL) vs. Texas in the 9th (groundout53, fly9, groundout3) [Hank Blalock, Alfonso Soriano, Brad Fulmer]
06/11/2004 Juan Dominguez, Texas(AL) vs. St. Louis(NL) in the 2nd (groundout63, single, double play643) [Edgar Renteria, Reggie Sanders, Cody McKay]
06/27/2004G1 Steve Traschel, New York(NL) at New York(AL) in the 5th (fly7, groundout53, groundout63) [Kenny Lofton, Derek Jeter, Gary Sheffield]
08/01/2004 Randy Wolf, Philadephia(NL) at Chicago(NL) in the 1st (single, double play543, groundout53) [Corey Patterson, Nomar Garciaparra, Moises Alou] this was Nomar's first at bat as a Cub, Greg Maddux was trying for his 300th win.
09/10/2004 Mike Maroth, Detroit(AL) vs. Minnesota in the 2nd (single, fly8, double play463) [Cristian Guzman, Michael Cuddyer, Terry Tiffee]
10/02/2004 Roy Halladay, Toronto(AL) vs. New York(AL) in the 3rd (single, line9, linedoubleplay53) [Andy Phillips, Enrique Wilson, Felix Escalona]
04/19/2005 Roy Halladay, Toronto(AL) at Boston in the 4th (single, double play543, gb13) [Trot Nixon, Manny Ramirez, David Ortiz]
05/15/2005 Tim Wakefield, Boston (AL) vs. Seattle in the 7th (single, double play363, gb3)[Richie Sexson, Raul Ibanez, Bret Boone]
05/20/2005 Carlos Silva Minnesota (AL) vs. Milwaukee (NL) in the 6th (single, double play543, fly9) [Bill Hall, Brady Clark, Jeff Cirillo], 74 pitch complete game
05/25/2005 LaTroy Hawkins, Chicago(NL) vs. Houston in the 9th (groundout63, fly7,fly9) [Morgan Ensberg, Jose Vizcaino, Brad Ausmus]
06/28/2005 Bob Wickman, Cleveland(AL) at Boston in the 9th (liner8, groundout43, groundout31) [Jay Payton, BIll Mueller, Mark Bellhorn]
07/07/2005G2 John Smoltz, Atlanta(NL) vs. Chicago(NL) in the 7th (fly8,fly7,bunt53) [Ronny Cedeno, Neifi Perez, Jose Macias]
07/15/2005 Scott Erickson Los Angeles(NL) vs. San Francisco in the 8th (single, forceout36, double play 463) [Noah Lowry, Michael Tucker, Omar Vizquel]
08/24/2005 Kirk Saarlos Oakland(AL) at Detroit in the 6th (groundout53, single, double play363) [Magglio Ordonez, Carlos Pena, Dmitri Young]
09/29/2005 C.C. Sabathia Cleveland(AL) vs. Tampa Bay in the 5th (groundout53, groundout53, groundout63) [Jonny Gomes, Alex Gonzalez, Toby Hall]
10/02/2005 Bob Wickman Cleveland(AL) vs. Chicago(AL) in the 9th (pop4, line3, groundout43) [Joe Crede, Juan Uribe, Scott Podsednik]
06/10/2006 Carlos Silva, Minnesota(AL) vs. Baltimore in the 4th (groundout63, pop4, bunt13) [Ramon Hernandez, Javier Lopez,Corey Patterson]
04/11/2006 Woody Williams, San Diego(NL) at Florida in the 5th (buntgroundout13, fly9, groundout13) [Miguel Olivo, Reggie Abercrombie, Sergio Mitre]
05/21/2006 Taylor Buchholz, Houston(NL) vs. Texas(AL) in the 9th (groundout63, groundout13, fly9) [Michael Young, Mark Teixeira, Hank Blalock]
06/10/2006 Carlos Silva, Minnesota(AL) vs. Baltimore in the 4th (groundout63, pop4, bunt13) [Ramon Hernandez, Javier Lopez,Corey Patterson]
06/14/2006 Francisco Rosario(2 batters)/Scott Schoeneweis, Toronto(AL) vs. Baltimore in the 6th (buntsingle,fly8, double play643) [Corey Patterson, Luis Matos, Brian Roberts] (Schoeneweis' only pitch of the game)
07/30/2006 Ramon Ortiz, Washington at Los Angeles(NL) in the 5th (bunt single, fly7, flydoubleplay763) [Ken Lofton, J.D. Drew, Andre Ethier]
09/04/2006 Julian Taverez, Boston(AL) vs. Chicago in the 6th (groundout63, bunt single, double play163) [Juan Uribe, Scott Podsednik, Tadahito Iguchi]
04/04/2007 Jeff Suppan, Milwaukee(NL) vs. Los Angeles(NL) in the 5th (groundout53,fly8,fly8) [Martin, Garciaparra, Kent]
05/20/2007 Sergio Mitre, Florida(NL) at Tampa Bay(AL) in the 7th (groundout3,hitbypitch,groundDP543) [Navarro, Gomes, Wilson]
06/15/2007 Rodrigo Lopez, Colorado(NL) vs. Tampa Bay(AL) in the 5th (infieldsingle, doubleplay463, fly8) [Akinori Iwamura, Brendan Harris, Carl Crawford]
06/23/2007 Kyle Lohse, Cincinnati(NL) at Seattle(AL) in the 2nd (fly7,pop4,fly7) [Broussard, Betancourt, Suzuki]
08/27/2007 Esteban Loaiza, Oakland(AL) vs. Toronto(AL) in the 6th (single,groundDP643,fly8) [Rios, Wells, Thomas]
09/23/2007 Jeff Francis, Colorado(NL) at San Diego(NL) in the 4th (groundout63,single,groundDP463) [M. Cameron, Bard, M. Giles]
04/11/2008 Matt Chico, Washington(NL) vs. Atlanta(NL) in the 7th (single,fly8,groundDP463) [Mark Teixeira, Jeff Francoeur, Brian McCann]
05/07/2008 Randy Wolf, San Diego(NL) at Atlanta(NL) in the 6th (single,fly9,groundDP543) [Chipper Jones, Mark Teixeira, Jeff Francoeur]
05/27/2008 Nick Blackburn, Minnesota(AL) at Kansas City(AL) in the 2nd (single,fly7, groundDP643) [Miguel Olivo, Mark Teahen, John Buck]
08/21/2008 Jorge DeLaRosa, Colorado(NL) at Los Angeles(NL) in the 6th (pop4,single,groundDP643) [Nomar Garciaparra, Manny Ramirez, Russell Martin]
06/06/2009 Kevin Correia, San Diego(NL) vs. Arizona(NL) in the 5th (single9,linDP3,groudout43) [Max Scherzer, Felipe Lopez, Ryan Roberts]
05/07/2010 Jamie Moyer, Philadelphia(NL) vs. Atlanta in the second (single,groundDP63,groundout63) [Troy Glaus, Matt Diaz, David Ross]
07/03/2010 Tommy Hunter, Texas(AL) vs. Chicago(AL) in the sixth (single,groundDP543,groundout31) [Paul Konerko, Andruw Jones, Mark Kotsay]
08/14/2010 Madison Baumgarner, San Francisco(NL) vs. San Diego(NL) in the third (double,fly(runner to 3b),lineDP4.45) [Miguel Tejada,Adrian Gonzalez, Ryan Ludwick]
09/03/2010 Brian Tallet, Toronto(AL) at New York(AL) in the fifth (flyout,infield single, groundDP543) [Jorge Posada, Lance Berkman, Austin Kearns]
09/24/2010 Bobby Cramer, Oakland(AL) vs. Texas(AL) in the sixth (single,forceout64,groundDP643) [Nelson Cruz, Vladimir Guerrero, Ian Kinsler]
07/01/2011 Randy Wells, Chicago(NL) vs. Chicago (AL) in the sixth (bunt single, groundDP643,groundout53) [Brent Morel, Carlos Quentin, Paul Konerko]
09/25/2011 Randy Wells, Chicago(NL) at St. Louis(NL) in the first (infield single,sacbunt13,lineDP4.6) [Rafael Furcal, Jon Jay, Albert Pujols]
09/09/2012 Martin Perez(1 batter)/Yoshinori Tateyama, Texas(AL) at Tampa Bay(AL) in the eighth (single,groundDP543,groundout53) [Carlos Pena,Jose Molina,BJ Upton]
06/12/2013 Edinson Volquez, Cincinnati(NL) vs. Anaheim(AL) in the sixth (single,lineDP4.43,groundout53)[Fred Freeman, Evan Gattis, BJ Upton]
09/18/2013 Jorge De Leon, Houston(NL) vs. Cincinnati(NL) in the twelfth (flyout7,groudout53,lineout9) [Todd Frazier, Zack Cozart, Xavier Paul]
04/19/2014 Edwin Jackson, Chicago(NL) vs. Cincinnati(NL in the third (bunt single, groundDP463,groundout13) [Billy Hamilton, Joey Votto,Brandon Phillips]

An interesting possible three pitch inning occurred September 25, 1998 in the 3rd inning at Arizona. After Tony Gwynn flew out, Greg Vaughn singled, and Ken Caminiti flew out, Vaughn was picked off first by Brian Anderson. Unfortunately, it isn't known whether Anderson had thrown any pitches to Jim Leyritz before the pickoff.