Here are my pre-season predictions for the 1999 Major League Baseball Standings. The list contains the teams in predicted order of finish. My method was mostly "educated guess", so I probably won' do as well as last year.

Last season, Baseball Prospectus ran a study analyzing the quality of projections made by computer programs and by fans. I am participating in this year's project and have put my projections online.

                   NATIONAL LEAGUE
         WEST           CENTRAL       EAST
       Dodgers          Astros        Braves
       Giants           Cardinals     Mets
       Padres           Reds          Expos
       Diamondbacks     Cubs          Phillies
       Rockies          Brewers       Marlins 

                   AMERICAN LEAGUE
         WEST          CENTRAL       EAST
       Angels          Indians       Yankees     
       Rangers         Royals        Blue Jays    
       Mariners        Tigers        Red Sox
       Athletics       White Sox     Orioles    
                       Twins         Devil Rays 

Wild Card: NL: Mets      AL: Blue Jays
World Series: Yankees over Dodgers