Indiana 1994 ARML team

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The team consisted of
Name Grade School College
Shaun Appelman 10 Chesterton
Daniel Biss 11 Bloomington North Harvard
Jonah Busch 10 West Lafayette Harrison
Andy Cahill 9 Terre Haute North Dartmouth
Elise Cassidente 12 Indiana Academy
Dan Crosby 11 Fort Wayne Northrup Purdue
Tom Horine 10 Jeffersonville Purdue
Josh Horstman 12 Indianapolis North Central Rose-Hulman
Janine Orman 11 Terre Haute South Yale
Keyvan Peymani 11 Columbus North
Adam Richter 10 Indianapolis North Central Indiana
Laura Vanderkam 9 South Bend Clay Princeton
Andrew Wang 11 Bloomington North
Barry Weliver 10 Crawfordsville Wabash
David Wentz 12 Richmond Indiana

Jonah Busch was Indiana's highest scorer in the Individual round.
The alternates were
Name Grade School
Paul Ellis 8 Liberty Middle School Chicago
Mike Ha 9 West Lafayette Yale
Bryce Johnson 8 Center Grove Middle School Washington U
John Kinnebrew 9 Terre Haute South Harvard
Cristie Mahler 10 Terre Haute North Rose-Hulman
Anne McLaren 9 Terre Haute North Purdue

Mike Ha and Bryce Johnson were the highest scorers in the Individual round for Alternate B. Cristie Mahler was the highest scorer in the Individual round for Alternate C.
The coaches for Indiana attending the meet were John Rickert, Kim Foltz and Nick Tallyn. Parents attending as chaperones were Mrs. Orman, Mrs. Connie McLaren and Mr. Bruce Johnson.

The 1994 standings are available on-line.

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