Indiana 2000 ARML team

The team Indiana Gold consisted of
Name Grade School College
Jean Broughton 12 Indiana Academy Case Western
Andrew Chi 11 Terre Haute South Harvard
Jake Foster 9 Lafayette Harrison Purdue
Emily Kendall 11 Evansville North Harvard
Nick Levy 9 West Lafayette High School
Chris McNett 8 Terre Haute South Purdue
Christine Nee 9 Honey Creek Middle School
A.J. Polky 9 Terre Haute South Purdue
Gary Raichart 11 Canterbury
Michael Reschly 12 Northwood Purdue
Prashant Tatineni 10 Castle UC- Berkeley
Feng Tu 9 Fishers-Hamilton Harvard
Bill Waite 12 Indiana Academy Purdue
Ling Yan 11 Culver Academies University of Virginia
Xiang Yan 11 Culver Academies University of Virginia

The team Indiana Blue consisted of
Name Grade School College
Brian Barker 11 Harrison East Central Rose-Hulman
Mike Blanford 11 Indiana Academy Indiana
David Bridgham 10 Crawfordsville
Parker Fath 10 Marion
Jeremy Fazli 11 Park Tudor
Somya Kypa 10 Indianapolis Pike
Michelle Liechty 11 Canterbury
Kevin McCammack 11 Brebeuf
John Moskal 8
Philip Powell 10 Terre Haute South Harvard
Robert Ribeiro 10 Trinity School at Greenlawn
Adam Tepper 10 Munster
Jerry Wu 9 Carmel Duke
Yuan Zhou 9 Terre Haute South
Luobei Zhu 8 Sycamore Middle School

The Alternates, who competed as part of the Iowa site alternate team Alternate-I2
Name Grade School College
Martha Moskal 10 Carmel
Ion Leahu-Aluas 10 Zionsville
Raj Patel 10 Terre Haute South
Neil Ramolia 10 Terre Haute South
Alex de la Rosa 10 Terre Haute North Yale
Congratualtions to Andrew Chi and Emily Kendall for their acceptance to the RSI program at MIT, and to Michael Catlin, a 1999 team member, who will participating in the 2000 Mathematics Olympiad Summer Program.

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