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The Twenty-ninth American Regions Mathematics League(ARML),, Will take place Saturday, June 2, 2007. Teams from the Indiana region will travel to Iowa to compete with other regions in one of the most challenging high-school mathematics competitions.
Students should meet, Thursday, May 31, 2007 at 7:00PM in O-159 at Rose-Hulman for a practice session. We will meet the bus at 8:30AM for our 9AM Friday departure.
On Saturday morning, we will load the bus at approximately 7:30AM in front of the dormitory. We will return to Rose-Hulman approximately 9-10PM, Saturday, June 2.
Students wishing to stay at Rose-Hulman Saturday night should contact Dr. Rickert.
--> Phone numbers in Iowa are;
Friday: Burge Hall (319)-335-3091
Saturday: Conference Center (319)-335-4158

The approximate schedule for Thursday-Saturday is:

Thursday 7PM-10PM: O-159 team meets and practices.
Local students will go home after the practice.
Non-local students and parents will stay in BSB overnight.
The Rose-Hulman security phone number is (812)-877-8911.

Friday The students should be packed and ready to load the bus by 8:30AM.
The bus is supposed to pull up in the parking lot near BSB. (building B on the campus map.)
Students will buy lunch at a stop along the way. (they need to bring money for that)
We expect to arrive at Iowa approximately 3:30PM
We will be staying at Burge Hall.
The desk is supposed to be open 24 hours.

The students will eat dinner at local restaurants. (they need to bring money for that)

Saturday Breakfast is provided by the dormitory
Students should be packed, checked out and ready to load the bus by 7:30AM.
The students start the contest at about 8AM.
A bag lunch is provided for the students.
The awards ceremony will finish approximately 3PM.
We will then load the bus and start for Indiana.
Students will buy dinner at a stop along the way. (they need to bring money for that)
We will likely stop in Urbana to drop off the Urbana students and give students an opportunity to call home.
I expect us to arrive at Rose-Hulman somewhere between 9 and 10 PM.

A permission form is available
If you are a high-school or middle school student interested in participating, you should contact one of the coaches:

Dr. Henjin Chi, Indiana State University, Terre Haute, IN
Dr. Ron Ji, IUPUI, Indianapolis, IN, (317)-274-6921
Matt Langer, Univiersity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Dr. John Rickert, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, 5500 Wabash Ave.(US-40), Terre Haute, IN, 47803. Ph: (812)-877-8473

If you are a parent who is interested in coming to help proctor or grade, please contact Dr. John Rickert.

To cover the cost of housings and transportation, students need to provide a $160 fee. A check payable to Rose-Hulman, should be sent to Dr. Henjin Chi Please indicate on the check that the check is for ARML. Most schools will provide all or part of the fee for participating students. Should you need a letter from the ARML coaches, please contact Dr. John Rickert.

The pracitce locations are:

The 2002 Indiana ARML teams consisted of high school students from across Indiana and Urbana, Illinois who are interested in participating in one of the most challenging large-scale high-school mathematics competitions in America. Indiana sent three teams consisting of forty students to the twenty-seventh ARML. Along with coaches Henjin Chi, Josh Holden, Ron Ji and John Rickert, parents Frank Ko, Susanna Ma, Ceslo Mendes, Xiaoming Wu, and Cheng Zhao traveled with the team as proctors and graders. Indiana Gold finished seventeenth in Division A this year. Indiana Blue finished 61st and Indiana Silver was 65th. Michale Catlin earned a National Honor Score by correctly answering 7 of 8 during the individual round. Charles Tam and Jerry Wu were awarded team high score medals. susan Hu, Rosemary Luo, John Moskal, Noah Wright, and David Yust earned team high score medals for Indiana Blue, and Phillip Meiser led Indiana Silver. Congratulations to 2000-2001 team member Feng Tu, who will participate in the RSI program at MIT.

Pictures are now available.

In 2001, The Four Indiana teams sent fifty-five students to Iowa for the twenty-sixth ARML. Along with Henjin Chi, Kim Foltz, and John Rickert, parents Maureen Brustkern, Sheely Chen, Jonathan Fruth, Najia Jin, Steven Maynard, and Carlos Mendes traveled with the teams.
Indiana Gold tied with Ontario A for eleventh, their second best finish ever. Andrew Chi earned a national honor score, scoring 7 out of 8 on the individual round for the third time. Michael Catlin and Jerry Wu were awarded team high score medals. Max Brustkern earned the individual high score medal for the Indiana Blue, which finished tied for forty-fourth in Division B. Indiana Silver placed 66th in Division B and was paced by Ho Young Whang during the individual round. Allan Patterson and Michael Peregrim earned high score honors for the Indiana Red, which finished 75th in Division B.

In 2000, The Two Indiana teams sent thirty-five students to Iowa for the twenty-fifth ARML. Along with Henjin Chi, John Emert, Zac Franco, Kim Foltz, and John Rickert, parents Najia Jin, John McNett, and John Moskal traveled with the teams. The Indiana Gold turned in a solid performance, finishing 14th, as five students tied for the team high score: Andrew Chi, Emily Kendall, Michael Reschly, Bill Waite, and Xiang Yan. Four other students, Jean Broughton, Chris McNett, Christine Nee, and Prashant Tatineni correctly answered one fewer than these leaders. Philip Powell paced the Indiana Blue on the individual round.
Congratulations to Andrew Chi and Emily Kendall for their acceptance to the RSI program at MIT, and to 1999 team member Michael Catlin, who will participate in the 2000 Mathematics Olympiad Summer Program

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