A guide to MJM spreadsheets, and some other links    (June 27, 2003)

Workshop W19 Scroll Bars, Matrices and VBA in Excel, Syracuse N.Y. July 22 2006

How to insert a slider (scroll bar) and animate a travelling wave

An example of an animated spreadsheet - a travelling wave.

Tips on Using Visual Basic in Excel

Workshop W06 'Scroll Bars as Power Steering for Your Excel Spreadsheet', Madison, WI Aug 2, 2003

W02 Spreadsheet Workshop, 125th AAPT Meeting, Boise, Idaho, August 3, 2002

Creating Ray-tracing spreadsheets

The Gravity-Defying Pendulum Spreadsheet (re The Gravity-Defying Pendulum, published in TPT September 2002)

Acoustic Resonances Using A Spreadsheet (poster paper DN25, August 7, 2002 Boise, Idaho)

Acoustic Resonance Sample Spreadsheet ( re Poster Paper DN25 Boise Idaho; click to download)

Monkey and hunter animated with a scroll bar (slider)

Links to other resources and information:

Sample spreadsheets for HASTI workshop Feb 7, 2002

APS High School Teacher Workshop, March 19, 2002, Westin Hotel Indianapolis

Animated Spreadsheets written by Marianne Breinig of the Univerisity of Tennessee at Knoxville

Spreadsheets and Instructions written by Michael Fowler(which he has kindly made avaialble)