PH 316 Electric and Magnetic Fields
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September 25, 2006

Mike Moloney  CL-109  877-8302  (home) (812) 466 1328

Homework Assignments

Approximate breakdown of credit: {2 hour exams + final exam) 2/3,  homework and worksheets 1/3

Handouts, downloads, etc.

Work, KE,  E = -gradient V
Laplace's equation and 'relaxation' in xyz to approximate the potential
Laplace's equation in cylindrical coordinates; recipes for relaxation
Remarks (solutions) on homework set 4
Notes on doing spherical integrals
Stack precipitator worksheet
Law of cosines applied to spherical and cylindrical images
Series solution template for laplace solution
Capacitance worksheet
Specs for Exam 1, Fall 2006
Calculating the quadrupole moment of an ellipsoid
Using image charges with a plane boundary between dielectrics
Show B = curl A, from the Biot-Savart law, and obtain A as an integral over J
Plane Waves and Maxwell's Equations
Obique incidence of plane waves - critical angle and beyond
Why does light travel slower in glass?

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