AAPT Spreadsheet Workshop W06 Madison, WI, 8 AM -Noon August 2, 2003

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Scroll Bars as Power Steering for Your Excel Spreadsheet

Mike Moloney                       and              Martha Lietz
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology                   Niles West H. S., Niles IL
           moloney@rose-hulman.edu                        marlie@niles-hs.k12.il.us

How to insert a scroll Bar and animate a travelling tave

How to build an animated monkey and hunter spreadsheet using a scroll bar

How to build a numerical integration for a body falling under gravity and a drag force

Fitting data using sliders (scroll bars) [Data is provided and sliders are installed. You try out the fit.]

Simple things involved in making graphs come out right

L-R Circuit, current vs. time using scroll bars (by Martha Lietz)

L-R Circuit, voltage vs. time using scroll bars (by Martha Lietz)

Kinematics graphs using scroll bars (by Martha Lietz)

Kinematics graph worksheet

Standing Wave Sum using scroll bars

Resources from 2002 Boise Spreadsheet Workshop