BIB hardware availability (Gary Burgess) This will run a sonic ranger, a shaft encoder, microphone or optical input, etc. [ Data rates of around 10 khz.]
It connects via the printer port of a PC or laptop.

Full set of (self-unzipping) BIB executables  DOS version [windows must be shut down]
Windows 95 BIB (beta version).

Windows-compatible DOS BIB programs

Will run under Win95 or in DOS. 
Data timing better than on Win 95 betas shown above. 

Put the batch file in the same directory as the exe. (Directory name<=8 characters)
Double-click on the batch file to launch the executable under windows.
If Netscape opens the batch file, go to 'Save As' and save it from there.
Shaft Encoder
[Executable Bbanglw.exe ] [Batch bbanglw.bat

Sonic Ranger
[Executable brangerw.exe]
[Batch brangerw.bat]

Serial A/D converter
[Executable serw.exe]
[Batch serw.bat]

Serial A/D +angle
[Executable seranglw.exe]
[Batch seranglw.bat]

Shaft encoder 10k data points (DOS executable)