Research Interests: vision (both biological and computer), the role of vision in human-computer interaction, computer graphics.


The above pictures show two applications for enhance reality visualization. The image on the left shows a three dimensional model with two virtual windows . The virtual windows are attached to the model and as the camera's view point changes they are displayed with proper perspective. Click on the left image to see an mpeg movie of moving virtual windows. The image on the left shows video of a skull registered with CT data for the same skull. A new formulation of the camera calibration problem enables us to efficiently create enhance reality visualizations using only a single image from an uncalibrated camera.



o Image Guided Surgery

o Intelligent Room

o City Scanning Project


Recent publications

o An Image-Based Three-Dimensional Digitizer for Pre-Decorating Thermoformed Parts, BMVC, 2:379-388.

    BMVC (postscript version) - 42MB
    BMVC (pdf version) - 3MB

o Geometry and Texture from Thousands of Images, IJCV, 51(1):5-35.

    IJCV - 7.5MB

o Geometry and Texture from Thousands of Images, Structure from Multiple Images of Large-scale Environments, 1-2 July 2000, Dublin, Ireland (in conjuction with ECCV 2000).

    SMILE - 6MB

o Reconstructing Built Geometry from Large Sets of Calibrated Images, AI Technical Report No. 1674, MIT, October 1999.

    AITR-1674 (postscript version)
    AITR-1674 (pdf version)

o Dense Surface Patches from Thousands of Pose Images, DARPA Image Understanding Workshop, 1998.

    IUW-98 - 0.6MB

o Dense Depth Maps from Epipolar Images, DARPA Image Understanding Workshop, 1997.

    IUW-97 - 2MB

o Dense Depth Maps from Epipolar Images, Technical Report AIM-1593, MIT, November 1996.

    AIM-1593 (postscript version)
    AIM-1593 (pdf version)

o Realtime Cameral Calibration for Enhanced Reality Visualization, Proceedings of the First International Conference on Computer Vision, Virtual Reality and Robotics in Medicine, Nice, France, 3-5 April 1995.

  1. Paper with color pictures - 1.5MB
  2. Paper with grayscale pictures - 1MB

o Enhanced Reality Visualization in a Surgical Environment, AI Technical Report No. 1544, MIT, January 1995.

  1. Tech report with grayscale pictures - 5.4MB
  2. Tech report with some pictures missing - 0.4MB
  3. Pages 15-16 - 45kb
  4. Pages 73-76 - 0.5MB
  5. Pages 77-82, grayscale - 1MB
  6. Pages 77-82, color - 0.9MB
  7. Pages 85-88, grayscale - 2.5MB
  8. Pages 85-86, color - 1.9MB
  9. Pages 87-88, color - 1.8MB
  10. Pages 95-96, grayscale - 0.2MB
  11. Pages 95-96, color - 0.3MB


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