An Annotated List of Latin American Studies Links

Finding Books and Articles:

The University of Illinois Library catalog is a good comprehensive source for finding out what books exist on a given topic so that you can request them via Interlibrary Loan.

The Handbook of Latin American Studies ( is a comprehensive bibliographical database on Latin American Studies; it has no full text.


Advice and Instructions on doing history:

Lawrence University History Department's Guide to Historical Research ( gives good brief explanations of historical research, plus annotated links to good websites for further information.


Finding Other Useful Links:

LANIC (, operated by the University of Texas at Austin, is a good starting point for English, Spanish, and Portuguese sources on Latin America, including newspapers.

The website of the Latin American and Caribbean Library at the University of Illinois ( contains many useful links on Latin America. 


Websites that Provide Content:

Peter Bakewell, a noted historian of Colonial Latin America and author of several important book, has an excellent website on Colonial Latin America (   The site includes a collection of historical documents and images, primary sources suitable for research papers, organized by theme, time, place, and type of document.  One of Prof. Bakewell's books, A History of Latin America, is in the Logan Library.  (I thank Kail Keush for reviewing this site in GL 221, Colonial Latin America.)

The Hispanic Reading Room of the Library of Congress (, has extensive online collections, including primary sources suitable for research papers.

The University of Calgary's excellent site on The European Voyages of Exploration ( contains overviews of political, social, cultural and economic history in Spain, Portugal, and the regions they explored and conquered during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.  There are good maps and other illustrations, some of which may be useful for research papers.  (The text of the website, like a textbook, is fine for background information but is not the kind of source I want you to base your papers on.  I thank Arron Foreman, Robert Memering, and other Rose-Hulman students for reviewing this site in GL 221, Colonial Latin America.)

The National Security Archive ( at George Washington University contains declassified documents from the CIA and other US government agencies.  It is easily searchable and is useful for studying US-Latin American relations, particularly with governments to which the US government was hostile.

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