Jeffery J. Leader's MA 325 Page

Fractals and Chaotic Dynamical Systems

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MA 325/ CS 325 covers a number of topics in fractals and chaotic discrete dynamical systems. There will be three midterm exams (25% each) and no final exam. Homework will be collected on Monday and Thursday (20%); the reading is an important part of the homework. There will be one project (5%). Read the book by James Gleick as well as the reading assignments given as part of the homework. A passing grade will not be awarded to any student who fails to complete at least 85% of the assigned homework and the project.

Exam #1 was on Friday 4 April.

Exam #2 will be on Friday 2 May.

Project is due on Friday 16 May.


Due 13 Mar.: HW #1

Due 17 Mar.: HW #2

Due 20 Mar.: HW #3

Due 24 Mar.: HW #4

Due 27 Mar.: HW #5

Due 31 Mar.: HW #6

Due 3 Apr.: HW #7

Due 7 Apr.: HW #8

Due 10 Apr.: HW #9

Due 14 Apr.: HW #10

Due 17 Apr.: HW #11

Due 28 Apr.: HW #12

Due 1 May: HW #13

Due 5 May: HW #14

Due 8 May: HW #15

Due 12 May: HW #16

Due 15 May: HW #17

Due 19 May: HW #18

Due 22 May: HW #19

Partial solutions of the HW.

Terms and definitions used in class.

References and further reading.

Sierpinski gasket m-file.

Sierpinski gasket via chaos game m-file.

Sierpinski gasket with variable parameters m-file.

IFS with condensation m-file.

Barnsely fern m-file.

Square IFS m-file.

Cantor set m-file.

Dragon fractals m-file.

Fractal trees m-file.

Brownian motion by random midpoint displacement m-file.

Mandelbrot and Julia sets m-file.

Lgrammar download page.

Terragen web page.

MojoWorld terrain generator web page.

Java applet for Conway's Game of Life.

James Gleick's web site, including the site for his Chaos book.

Fractals and scale page.

Fractint web site.

IFS demo web site.

Online Computer Animation text.

Online Chaos and Fractals text.

Boids web site.

Boids flocking demo.

Santa Fe Institute web site (complex adaptive systems).

Online Chaos text.

Mandelbrot set fragments.

Chaos resources website.