Introduction to Engineering Mathematics I

This is the introductory applied calculus course for Biomedical Engineering students. It is intended to be taken together with the Engineering Design Studio. The course is similar to MA111 Calculus I, and serves as a prerequisite for either of MA102 Introduction to Engineering Mathematics II or MA112 Calculus II.

Class will meet for lectures on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays. On Wednesdays there will be a double meeting, which will be used for laboratory work four times during the term and as a recitation section otherwise. The first laboratory is scheduled for 13 Sept.

There will be two midterm exams (10% each), a final exam (20%), homework assignments (15% total), laboratory sessions and write-ups (5% each), and classroom work (25%). Attendance is expected, and absences beyond four may result in a grade penalty.

The Mathematics Academic Integrity Policy is in effect in this course.

Midterm Exam  I: 
Midterm Exam II: 


T: Thomas
Z: Zill
Assignment  1