VLA - Visual Linear Algebra

VLA is a linear algebra software package developed for MA 211 (Applied Mathematics I) and MA 213 (Applied Mathematics III) which are part of the Rose-Hulman Foundation Coalition Sophmore Engineering Curriculum.

The software was developed during the summer of 1996 by Brad North (EE junior at Rose-Hulman), Roger Lautzenheiser (Mathematics faculty) , and Yosi Shibberu (Mathematics faculty) . The authors would like to thank the National Science Foundation (Foundation Coalition, an Engineering Education Coalition) for its support.

Since VLA was written in MATLAB, you will need to have a copy of MATLAB running on your computer. After downloading vla.zip and unzipping, you will find 32 files, most of which are .m files. After putting the files in a directory, you will need to set a path to this directory so MATLAB will be able to find them. You can do this at the command line in MATLAB or you can set the path permanently in MATLAB's startup.m file. Once the path is set, simply type vla at the command line in MATLAB. A window appears and you are ready to use the programs. More information about the program can be found in Readme.txt and Manual.doc (a Word document).

Download VLA Now.

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