This page contains a variety of information about my teaching.  This is a growing page in the sense that the information is updated on a regular basis.

Courses previously taught

Courses: 2009 - 2010: Spring Term

Dynamic Storage Reclamation (Garbage Collection) (CSSE 490)

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Operating Systems (CSSE 332)

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Courses: 2009 - 2010: Winter Term

Operating Systems (CSSE 332)

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Introduction to Software Development (CSSE 120)

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Courses: 2009 - 2010: Fall Term

Computer Architecture (CSSE 232)

Computer instruction set architecture and implementation. Specific topics include historical perspectives, performance evaluation, computer organization, instruction formats, addressing modes, computer arithmetic, ALU design, floating-point representation, single-cycle and multi-cycle data paths, and processor control. Assembly language programming is used as a means of exploring instruction set architectures. The final project involves the complete design and implementation of a miniscule instruction set processor.
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Delvin Defoe, PhD

Delvin Defoe

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