"Practical men who believe themselves
to be quite exempt from any intellectual
influences, are usually the slaves
of some defunct economist."

John Maynard Keynes

Kevin Christ

Associate Professor, Economics

Department of Humanities & Social Sciences

Moench Hall 203d

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

5500 Wabash Avenue

Terre Haute, IN  47803


Phone:  812-872-6226

Fax:  812-877-8909

Email:  kevin.christ@rose-hulman.edu


Curriculum   Vitae




SV151, Principles of Economics

IA350, Intermediate Microeconomics

SV351, Managerial Economics (also EMGT 531, Economics for Technical Managers)

GS350, International Trade and Globalization (Moodle, access restricted to enrolled students)

SV353, Industrial Organization Moodle, access restricted to enrolled students)

IA353, History of Economic Thought

2-Year Plan of Courses in Economics at Rose-Hulman

Selected Papers:

"Patterns of OFDI:  Comparing Japan's and China's Emergence on the Global Scene".  With Yaoning Wu, Indiana Academy of Social Sciences, October 2012.

"New Tests of Public Capital's Role in Aggregate Production".  With Muhammad Q. Islam, working paper, August 2012.

"Organizational Economics and the Evolution of a New Management Science". Philosophy of Management 11:1 (Spring 2012), 79 94.

"Value-Free Economics and Engineering Education", ASEE, Pittsburgh, June 25, 2008

"Value-Free Economics in Management and Engineering Education", Conference presentation at London School of Economics (December 2007).

"Social Capital and Economic Performance in the American States" (with Terrence Casey), Social Science Quarterly 86:4 (December 2005).

"Public Capital and Small Firm Performance" (with Richard Green), Atlantic Economic Journal 32:1 (March 2004)

Recent Presentations:

"Current Economic Outlook", Estate Planning Council of Central Iliana, November 15, 2012.

"Deficits, Debt, and the Fiscal Cliff", Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, September 25, 2012.

"The Hidden Costs of Energy", Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Engineering Management Seminar, November 4, 2011.

"If You Build It", (on infrastructure investment), Indiana Construction Industry Conference, March 3, 2011.

"Observations on the Current Economic Recovery", Terre Haute Rotary, January 25, 2011.

Selected Topical Articles:

"Not Losing Sleep During a Jobless Recovery"  (February 2004, On the "jobless recovery")
"Why I'm Glad My Car Doesn't Run on Coffee"  (July 2004, On the relative price of gasoline)
"Rough Terrain in the Economic Landscape"   (November 2004, On the loss of manufacturing jobs)
"The Dollar is Falling, The Dollar is Falling!"  (February 2005, On the depreciation of the dollar)
"Do You Speak Chinese?"  (April 2005, On the growth of the Chinese economy)
"A Different Perspective on Our Progress"  (August 2005, On trends in the U.S. distribution of income)
"Letting the Windfall Profits Bandwagon Pass Me By"  (November 2005, On oil company profits)
"America's Chronic Crisis" (February 2006, On health care in the U.S.)
"Agents of Fortune"  (May 2006, On executive compensation)
"Take Some Time Off" (August 2006, On differences in American and European work habits)
"Should We Do More Than the Minimum?" (November 2006, On the minimum wage debate)
"Let's Be Energy Self-Sufficient!" (April 2007, On the impracticality of energy independence)
"The Recession of 2008" (August 2007, On economic forecasting)
"How Do We Measure Up?" (November 2007, On the Terre Haute regional economy)
"Are You Stimulated Yet?" (February 2008, On countercyclical fiscal stimulus)
"It's Unanimous" Inside Indiana Business (May 2008, On the gas tax holiday)
"A Sinking Feeling" Inside Indiana Business (November 2008, On the prospects of deflation)
"A Little Secret About Our Tax System" Inside Indiana Business (August 2009, On the narrowing of our tax base)
"A Useful Exchange" Inside Indiana Business (November 2009, On the depreciating dollar)
"Are Jobs Really the Answer?"  Inside Indiana Business (January 2010, On fiscal stimulus and job creation)




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