2012 Model European Union

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology







2007 -- the UK and Netherlands 

2008 -- Estonia

2009 -- Ireland

2011 -- Czech Republic


Previous RHIT Model EU Countries: Slovakia (2005), Sweden (2006), the United Kingdom and the Netherlands (2007), Estonia (2008), Ireland (2009), Italy (2010), Czech Republic (2011)


Basic Information:

What is the Model European Union? Every April, students from colleges and universities from around the nation meet together in Indianapolis to decide the future of the European Union. Playing the roles of prime ministers & presidents, ambassadors & commissioners, ministers & diplomats, they spend two days haggling over policy, resolving disputes, building compromises, and charting the course of European unity.

When and where is the Model EU?  The 2012 Midwest Model EU Conference is on April 5th-7th at Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis (IUPUI). Each school represents one or more of the countries in the European Union. Each "country" consists of 7 students. Rose students have previously represented Estonia, teh Czech Republic, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Travel, lodging and (most) food expense will be covered by the HSS Department.

What do you do in the Model EU? You will learn how the EU works; learn about the politics and government of the country(s) we will be representing, develop ideas for draft EU directives (laws), and negotiate and debate on the future of the Union with students from around the country and the world.


Midwest Model EU Homepage (IUPUI)



Week 1 (March 5-9) -- Organizational Session and Research on the EU

            Review Europe in 12 Lessons (on Europa website)

            Review "A Quick Guide to the Institutions of the EU" (PPT)

            Review Midwest Model EU Simulation Guide 2012

Additional References:  

(1) How the EU Works

(2) Key Facts and Figures about Europe and the Europeans 

Week 2 (March 12-16) -- Research on Greece and Cyprus

            Country Position Papers Due by end of the week

Week 3 (March 19-23) -- Work on Draft Directives

            First Draft Directives Due by end of the week

Week 4 (March 26-30) --  Finish Draft Directives

Final Draft Directives due on Friday, March 30


Midwest Model European Union, April 5-7

            Leave for IUPUI around midday on Thursday, April 5th

            Return to RHIT by approximately 6:30pm Saturday, April 7th


RESEARCH RESOURCES: The following web links will be helpful in conducting your research for the MEU --



Europa -- Gateway Site to the European Union (includes links to the major EU institutions -- European Council, Commission, etc.)

Delegation of the European Commission to the United States



Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in English)

Greek Embassy in the United States

CIA World Factbook -- Greece

Cyprus Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Cypriot Embassy in the United States

CIA World Factbook -- Cyprus

The Cyprus Dispute (Wikipedia)




BBC News  (Inside Europe page)

BBC Guide to EU Institutions

BBC Guide to EU Enlargement

Athens News (Greek News in English)

Cyprus Mail (Cypriot News in English)

EUABC -- A Dictionary of the EU

EU Observer (good for up-to-date EU news)

The Financial Times

The Guardian

The Times (London)