List of M.S. (Applied Optics) and M.S. (Optical Engineering) Theses

Directed by R. M. Bunch

Dispersion Measurements Using Refractive and Interferometric Techniques
by Mary Ann Matthew

Sensing Liquid Levels and Measuring the Contact Angles Using Optical Techniques
by Huiyong Liu

Characterization and Construction of an Optical Tweezers System
by Christina Bauer

Fabrication and Characterization of Holographic Optical Elements Recorded on Silver Halide Materials for the Design of an Achromatic Fourier Processor
by John G. Smith

Design and Implementation of a Laser Rangefinder/Designator Beam Metrology System for Beam Characteristic Analysis Through Environmental and Atmospheric Conditions
by Christopher Middlebrook

Spectroscopic Instrument Controls and Calibration
by Zhan Chen

Fiber Bragg Gratings: Theory and Fabrication
by Yongbin Lin

Fiber Optic Sensor for Measuring the Vibration Frequency of a Reflective Surface
by Jingbo Cai

Characterization and Applications of Boulder Nonlinear System Spatial Light Modulator
by Wei Li

Development of a Fiber-Optic Absorption Based Chemical Sensor
by Laura L. Tougaw

Design of a Frequency-selective Fiber Optic Vibration Sensor
by Chandra Kakani

Digital Image Processing Algorithm Development for Segmentation and Classification of Nuclear Particle Tracks in Lexan Slides
by Douglas E. Childers

Microlensed Fiber Optic Confocal Microscope Probe
by Randy Lee Gove

Dispersion Measurement Systems for Optical Fibers
by Fei Shen

Direct Fabrication and Testing of Fiber Optic Microlenses
by Eric C. Roth

Surface Characterization of Aluminized Parabolic Reflectors Using Light Scattering Techniques
by Randall Lee Ecklar

Studies of Wavelength Dependent Loss Effects in Optical Fiber Components and Sensors
by Sami D. Al-Aruri

Veiling Glare in the F4111 Image Intensifier
by Mukund Acharya

Forward Light Scattering From Optical Fibers
by Seungug Koh

Prototype Right Angle Fiber Optic Connector and Bend Loss of Optical Fibers
by Roger S. Cannon

Angularly Polished Optical Fibers and their Application to Right-Angle Connectors
by Joseph P. Caughey

Characterization of Radiation Loss from Formed 90o Bends in Optical Fibers
by Dirk A. Hall

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