List of Selected Papers and Publications by R. M. Bunch

Jeremy Schoen, Thomas W. Mason, William A. Kline, Robert M. Bunch, “The Innovation Cycle: A New Model and Case Study for the Invention to Innovation Process” Engineering Management Journal 17, 9-16 (2005)

C. Joenathan, R. M. Bunch and A. Siahmakoun, “Learning by Building: Optical Prototype Based Project Course” Optics & Photonics News, November, 42-44 (1999).

J. A. Davis, E. A. Merrill, D. M. Cottrell and R. M. Bunch, "Effects of Sampling and Binarization in the Output of the Joint Fourier Transform Correlator" Optical Pattern Recognition, Milestone Series, Editors Francis T.S. Yu and Shizhuo Yin, SPIE Press, MS156 #37 (1999). (SPIE's Milestone Series books contain key foundation and development papers in a particular field selectively chosen from the world literature for republication in a single reference volume).

M. Acharya, R. M. Bunch and R. C. Hertel, "Wavelength response of veiling glare in the F4111 Image Intensifier" Optical Engineering, 32, 3272-3277 (1993).

C. Joenathan and R. M. Bunch,"Diameter measurement of single-mode fiber by using interferometric and imaging techniques" Applied Optics, 32, 5989-5996 (1993).

R. M. Bunch, "Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Fiber Optics But Were Afraid to Ask" TECHNOS Quarterly, 2, 13-15 (1993).

J. A. Davis, Werner V. Brandt, D. M. Cottrell and R. M. Bunch, "Spatial image differentiation using programmable binary optical elements" Applied Optics, 30, 4610 (1991).

R. M. Bunch, "Optical Fiber Sensor Experiments for the Undergraduate Physics Laboratory" American Journal of Physics, 58, 870-874 (1990).

R. M. Bunch, M. V. Iverson, and W. P. Unruh, "Light Scattering Measurements of Diffusional Growth of Precipitates in Nickel- and Cobalt-Doped MgO" J. Appl. Phys., 58, 1474-1482 (1985).

J. A. Davis and R. M. Bunch, "Temperature Dependence of the Faraday Rotation of HOYA FR-5 Glass" Applied Optics, 23, 633-636 (l984).

M. M. Abraham, L. A. Boatner, W. H. Christie, F. A. Modine, T. Negas, R. M. Bunch and W. P. Unruh, "Electrolytic Coloration and Electric Breakdown of MgO Single Crystals" J. Solid State Chem., 51, l-l6 (l984).

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