Biochemistry Research at Rose-Hulman

Thanks to a National Science Foundation Major Research Instrumentation grant, Rose-Hulman has a Fluorolog-Tau-3 spectrofluorometer.

Fluorolog Manual
Tau-3 Manual (Lifetime module)
DataMax Software Manual
Stopped-flow Manual (this is somewhat older than the printed version).
Adam Gilmore Powerpoint presentation

Rose-Hulman has a biochemistry laboratory (FL-110),

equipped with a chromatography refrigerator, smaller refrigerators, and a large shaking incubator for growing bacteria,

with other, smaller, instruments for working with DNA and proteins,

and with a Sorvall centrifuge, located in the laboratory space next door.

Installing Spartan

I have two main projects.

1) Research concerning the human estrogen receptor hormone binding domain.
ER HBD Model     Animated gif of estrogen receptor ligand binding domain

2) Research concerning the control of carbohydrate metabolism.

Anyone interested in performing biochemical research at Rose-Hulman should come by my office (FL-109) or contact me by phone (x8406) or by email (

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