Troubleshooting Page

Important: make sure that you are using recent versions of your web browser of choice and of Acrobat Reader.

For Acrobat Reader, use version 8.0 or later.
Click HERE for the current version of Firefox.

Click HERE for the Microsoft website on which you can find the current version of Internet Explorer.

Click HERE for the current version of Acrobat Reader.

Note that all of these files are large (multiple megabyte) downloads, and the download will take a while if you are using a slow connection.

Problem: Someone told you that something new has been posted, but when you check the website, the relevant page does not seem to have changed.
Possible Solution: Click the Reload (Firefox) or Refresh (Internet Explorer) button to force your web browser to download the page again, rather than using the copy that it had previously saved on your hard drive.

Problem: You click on a link, and get an error message like "File not found; the file does not exist on this server".
Possible Solution: Click on the link again. Click the Reload or Refresh. If you still get the error message, please inform Dr. Brandt of the broken link by e-mail at:

Problem: You try to download one of the web site files. You have recent versions of the web browser and of Acrobat Reader, but the downloaded page appears blank.
Possible Solution #1: Save the apparently blank page you just downloaded (select "Save As Source" in the dialog box where you type the filename). Open the file you just saved from within Acrobat Reader. Sometimes the file did actually download, but your browser does not see it correctly; this work-around may solve this problem.

Possible Solution #2: If "Possible Solution #1" does not work, quit the web browser. Run Acrobat Reader, and then run the web browser and try downloading the file again. (Sometimes the browser gets "confused", and sometimes the computer has too little memory to run Reader and the browser simultaneously. Because the error messages are cryptic or non-existent, it may not be easily possible to determine the source of the problem.)

Possible Solution #3: If "Possible Solutions #1 and #2" don't work, try downloading the page using a different web browser. Depending on the exact configuration of the computer you are using, some pages work better in Netscape and some work better in Internet Explorer. (I do not understand why, since this site was generated entirely using Netscape.)

Possible Solution #4: If "Possible Solutions #1, #2, and #3" don't work, try rebooting the computer, and then try downloading the page again.

Problem: You begin downloading a file using a modem connection, but the download appears to be taking forever.
Possible Solution: Make sure that you are still connected. One potential problem with modem connections is that the Internet Service Provider (ISP) may disconnect you if you seem to be doing nothing for an excessive length of time. Depending on the ISP, "downloading a file" may count as "nothing". The "excessive length of time" also varies, but may be as short as five minutes.

Problem: You tried everything suggested above, and nothing works.
Possible Solution: Try using a different computer. If you can download the files from one computer, but not from another, it is likely that some aspect of the configuration of the first computer is preventing the download from working.

Problem: You tried everything suggested above, and nothing works, and you really want to complain to someone.
Send Dr. Brandt an e-mail at: Please include the following information:

Operating System version
Web browser name and version
Acrobat Reader version
Amount of RAM in your computer
The names of the file(s) that you tried unsuccessfully to access
If nothing else, this information will help to define the problem. (Note: an e-mail that says: "I tried downloading files and it did not work" does not provide enough information to determine the cause of the problem.)

Alternatively, if your computer is a laptop, you could bring the computer to Dr. Brandt's office (FL109) during office hours for more personal troubleshooting.

Finally, you might try calling the IAIT Help Desk at x8989 or using their website:

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