Expand your horizons and get ready for a global society by studying abroad

study abroad 2Most colleges across the globe encourage their students to study abroad, and it's especially relevant for engineering students because so many of their careers involve international companies. Rose-Hulman can arrange many programs for students, from one- or six-week programs to an entire school year.

We have active exchange programs with Kanazawa Institute of Technology in Japan. A group goes every summer for five to six weeks to study language and to collaborate with the Japanese students on a particular project. Similarly, Rose-Hulman has active programs in Germany with schools such as University of Stuttgart and University of Magdeburg. We can also make arrangements with many other schools in other countries -- if you have a concept for study in a particularly country, we can work with you to make that happen. We are committed to ensuring that every student who wants to study abroad can do so while at Rose-Hulman.

Why study abroad? You'll learn or improve a foreign language, gain insight into another culture, form new friendships and networking opportunities, and be even more prepared to work in what's been coined "a flat world." Plus, you'll have great pictures to post on facebook.