Registering for classes and paying your tuition bill

Freshman registration for classes takes place the Monday of New Student Orientation, which occurs the weekend prior to the official start of classes. After that first quarter, registration of classes takes place near the end of the prior quarter. Students work with an advisor to make sure they are on track to meet course requirements for their selected majors. See more details at the Registrar's Office.

Students will receive an email notification that tuition and fees have been assessed to their account approximately thirty days prior to the start of each academic quarter.  Detailed account information can be obtained by logging into the student's CASHNet account via Banner Web.  Student accounts will reflect all applicable charges and anticipated financial aid.  Payments are due as follows for the 2015-2016 academic year:

Fall Quarter - August 28, 2015

Winter Quarter - November 20, 2015

Spring Quarter - February 26, 2016

There is a $25 late fee assessed on any outstanding balance remaining after the due date. Interest at one-half percent per month (18%APR) will be added to accounts 60 days past due.

You have a few options for paying your bill.

  • Tuition payments by check or cash only can be made in the Student Financial Services Office from 8:00 - 5:00, Monday through Friday.
  • Online payments (credit card and e-checks) can be made by utilizing the student's Banner account.  Click on the CASHNet tab to submit your payment.
  • Mail your payment by check to 5500 Wabash Avenue, CM 21, Terre Haute, IN  47803.

Need to set up a payment plan? Please check your options with the Business & Finance Office.