MACH 2014

Dr. Ella Ingram explains the benefits of attending the MACH workshop.


Ella Ingram

Below are some insights from two MACH 2014 attendees, Dr. Helen Muga from the University of Mount Union and Dr. Ricardo Jacquez from California State University.  


Ricardo Jacquez



Helen Muga

MACH 2013

MACH WorkshopMACH participants first learn about their own personality traits and tendencies. They then use this information during their first team activity (pictured here). MACH facilitators observe team dynamics and provide feedback. This first challenge sets the stage for the workshop as participants apply MACH strategies to the development of their own change projects. 

Wendy Newstetter

Previous keynote speaker, Wendy C. Newstetter, PhD, Director of Learning Sciences Research in the Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering at Georgia Tech.

Dr. Newstetter's research focuses on understanding learning in interdisciplines with an eye towards designing educational environments that support the development of integrative problem solving.

Molly Gillam


MACH 2012

Downing PhD

Drs. Craig Downing and Julia Williams share some of the qualitative takeaways from MACH 2012. We look forward to building on this year's success in 2013!

Williams PhD


MACH 2012 group 300px










"Thank you for a most enjoyable and most challenging four days. We all came away feeling great about Rose-Hulman and about our project. We also came away with a great appreciation for you and all the facilitators. You people are great. You all did an incredible job of putting your minds into the middle of our projects. I felt such an innate student-centric feeling that there is no doubt in my mind why you are the number 1 undergrad engineering program. We have a lot of work to do this summer to make this project happen, but I am now fully confident that we can."

Dan Dolan PhD
Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Director/Center of Excellence for Advanced Manufacturing and Production
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology 

Click for More Video Insights from past MACH:

Adam Kirn
Clemson University

Jameel Ahmed, PhD
Interim Dean of Faculty and                                                                                                                                              Professor of Biology and Biomedical Engineering with tenure, Rose-Hulman

Dan Dolan PhD
Director, Center of Excellence for Advanced Manufacturing and Production
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

Julia Williams
Executive Director IRPA and                                                                                                                                                 Professor of English with tenure, Rose-Hulman

Kay C Dee
Interim Head of the Department of Biology and Biomedical Engineering, Associate Dean of Learning and Technology and        Professor of Biology and Biomedical Engineering with tenure, Rose-Hulman

"Kudos to the workshop organizers and facilitators! The conference exceeded my expectations. I was especially impressed with how engaged the facilitators were throughout the entire workshop and the personal interest they took in the workshop participants."


"The blend of information sessions and planning sessions was wonderful.  Brainstorming ideas with other attendees was very helpful.  Thanks!"



"It was GREAT, and I will definitely recommend it to other people!"