Hubei University of Automotive Technology

Rose-Hulman entered a 5-year collaborative relationship with Hubei University of Automotive Technology at the end of 2012, and as part of that program Rose-Hulman welcomed, in January 2013, visiting professor Jin Yang from HUAT, to assist with Rose-hulman’s EcoCAR2 competition team. The relationship with HUAT is an easy fit for Rose-Hulman because it is rooted in shared perspectives. Both schools seek to broaden their academic networks across the globe. And both schools share a similar abiding commitment to student success in an environment of academic integrity.

Over the five years, the two schools agreed to seek out valuable exchanges in areas such as

  • Exchange of faculty members
  • Exchange of students on a reciprocal basis
  • Exchange of publications, research materials, newsletters, etc.
  • Joint projects related to research, teaching, faculty development and service


Launched with Jin’s 6-month visit, the program allows her expertise in hybrid automotive technologies and software modeling to offer an edge in moving the EcoCAR2 team team forward.  Jin’s stay is also part of cultural enrichment  and increasing global awareness for Rose-Hulman students. In a reciprocal summer visit to HUAT, Rose-Hulman’s EcoCAR2 advisor Zachary Chambers, PhD, will visit HUAT in summer 2013 to give a series of lectures.

If you have ideas for future projects in this collaboration, approach the respective program representative.



For RHIT:    

Luchen Li[at]rose-hulman[dot]edu
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
5500 Wabash Avenue
Terre Haute, IN 47803, USA


For HUAT: 

Huang Yuening
Hubei University of Automotive Technology
167 Checheng West Road
Shiyan City, Hubei Province, China