Employment opportunities for Rose-Hulman students

Many students find it necessary to work while going to school at Rose-Hulman. Some are employed off campus, but many find it more conducive to scheduling around their class and study schedule to work on campus.

Federal Work Study and Rose-Hulman Work Opportunity Programs

Approximately 60% of Rose-Hulman students participate in either the Federal Work Study or Rose-Hulman Work Opportunity program. These programs provide jobs for undergraduates with financial need, allowing them to earn money to help pay education expenses. Often the types of jobs that qualify for the programs include community service and have flexible schedules so they don't disrupt your academic schedule. Students wanting to earn the full amount of a typical award of $1,300 need to work an average of eight hours per week over the course of the academic year.

The difference between the two Financial Aid programs is that the Rose-Hulman Work Opportunity is funded 100% by Rose-Hulman, while the Federal Work Study program is split 75%/25% between federal funding Rose-Hulman funding.

Other Employment Opportunities

Rose-Hulman keeps an online database of job opportunities for students.

Resources for student employees

Prior to being employed at Rose-Hulman, you will need to fill out a number of forms regarding taxes, payroll, direct deposit and confidentiality. You may find the job database, a list of the necessary forms, the online forms, and helpful FAQs all under Human Resources on the Intranet Index page linked below (see Student Employment).

In order to apply for a job, please log into Banner Web.  All positions and descriptions will be available once you have logged in.

Once you have begun work, you will submit your work hours through Banner by using your Rose-Hulman Network username and password.