The student laptop

All entering undergraduate students have been required to purchase a laptop computer of the type specified by the Institute for the year they enter. Only the laptop computer designated by the Institute will satisfy this requirement. A committee composed of faculty, staff and students determines the functional requirements for the Institute-required laptop computer, evaluates alternatives, and selects one system for all undergraduate students entering Rose-Hulman for the first time during an academic year. This computer is chosen to ensure compatibility with the campus computing environment, classroom and laboratory equipment and academic program requirements. Because each class of students has the identical computing platform, the Institute can provide a higher level of support for classroom integration, maintenance, software compatibility, network connectivity and user services. The level of support that we believe students require cannot be provided if members of the entering class use a variety of computing platforms.

The cost of the required Laptop Bundle, which includes the laptop computer, the four-year warranty and the use of the software suite, will be added to any financial aid application to determine eligibility for need-based and non-need-based student aid programs and unsubsidized parent loans.

Ordering your laptop
Three different options are available when ordering your laptop. You should select and complete the option appropriate for your method of payment, i.e., complete only one of the following: pay by check or credit card, apply for a laptop loan, or pay online using credit card or bank account. Log into Banner with your student ID and PIN to initiate your order. Under the 'Student and Financial Aid' tab select 'Order Student Laptop'.

After reading the Policy for Responsible Use of Computing Facilities and the Laptop Computer Policies, you will select a payment method. If you received a scholarship that is paying for your laptop you will not have any options on payment method.

Instructions for completing each of the forms are listed below.

1. Pay by check or credit card

a. Select the radio button next to Pay by Check or Credit Card
b. Verify Recipient information, then click 'Order' button
c. Follow the 'Print Laptop Invoice' link
d. Print the invoice and mail payment with invoice to address listed. If you need to reprint the invoice you will be able to log back in later and have the option to go to 'Print Laptop Invoice'

2. Apply for a laptop loan

a. Select the radio button next to Student Alternative or Parent Plus to apply for a laptop loan
b. Verify Recipient information, then click 'Order' button
c. This will start the loan application

3. Pay online via PayPal

a. Select the radio button next to Online using credit card or bank account (via PayPal)
b. Verify Recipient information, then click 'PayPal - click here to pay'
c. You will be taken to PayPal's website to complete payment

How will my laptop computer be billed?
The entire cost of the laptop will be placed on the Fall quarter invoice with the associated payment. If you should have questions regarding the laptop computer financing, please contact the Financial Aid Office, 812-877-8259, or visit the Financial Aid page.

Questions regarding the laptop computer can be directed to Erik Johnson, Laptop Implementation Coordinator, 812-877-8933